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CHINA: Finally Some Good News As CCP Hits A BIG Tech Hurdle

I bet you aren’t hearing THIS story from your usual ‘news’ sources.

China makes no secret about wanting to dominate the world — economically, politically AND economically.

But in a world where the data is king, there is one big technology gap China has been unable to bridge either through poaching experts or stealing tech… they are lagging behind on high-end microchips.

What most us don’t know is just how upset this has been making Xi.

We’re locked in a race that a rival like China acknowledges as ‘zero-sum’. That’s when advantages like this one matter. A LOT.

If you doubt this, here’s how a news source in Japan has been reporting the fact that China has been blocked from accessing certain tech.

How’s THIS for a headline?

Furious at U.S. efforts that cut off access to technology to make advanced computer chips, China’s leaders appear to be struggling to figure out how to retaliate without hurting their own ambitions in telecoms, artificial intelligence and other industries.
President Xi Jinping’s government sees the chips that are used in everything from phones to kitchen appliances to fighter jets as crucial assets in its strategic rivalry with Washington and efforts to gain wealth and global influence. Chips are the center of a “technology war,” a Chinese scientist wrote in an official journal in February.
China has its own chip foundries, but they supply only low-end processors used in autos and appliances. The U.S. government, starting under then-President Donald Trump, is cutting off access to a growing array of tools to make chips for computer servers, AI and other advanced applications. Japan and the Netherlands have joined in limiting access to technology they say might be used to make weapons.
[…] China’s loudest complaint: It is blocked from buying a machine available only from a Dutch company, ASML, that uses ultraviolet light to etch circuits into silicon chips on a scale measured in nanometers, or billionths of a meter. Without that, Chinese efforts to make transistors faster and more efficient by packing them more closely together on fingernail-size slivers of silicon are stalled.
— JapanToday

We’re starting to see bipartisan pressure on China.

It’s a good start.

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