Biden’s Spokesmuppet Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claims About LGBT — Gets Immediately DRAGGED (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 7, 2023

In the week that followed a non-gender-conforming chick carefully plotting a school shooting and what resulted in the murder of six people in a Christian school, Biden’s White House never made a single mention of Christians or the rise in violent and exclusionary rhetoric against them.

But one day before Good Friday, Joe Biden’s White House Spox went on a tirade against all the ways in which people have been threatening the basic rights of people who identify as ‘trans’.

The timing of that tirade was spectacularly poor.

A trans-identified male who goes by Lilly, though his given name is William Whitworth, was arrested and charged after a police investigation in Colorado Springs revealed that the 19-year-old was responsible for “threats involving schools in Colorado Springs Academy District 20.”
Whitworth faces charges of attempted murder after allegedly making threats against schools in Colorado Springs, Colo., according to local news.
The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office charged Whitworth with two counts of a criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, criminal mischief, menacing, and interference with staff, faculty or students of educational institutions.

Deputies asked Whitworth if he had an intention of harming people at a school, and according to an affidavit, Whitworth indicated that this was the intention.
When asked why, Whitworth said “Why does anyone do it.”
Whitworth, deputies noted, appeared to be drunk and made suicidal statements. Additional targets per Whitworth’s manifesto were churches, and the planning had been ongoing for a month. Whitworth told officers that he had learned how to make a detonation device on YouTube.
— PostMillenial

His manifesto listed previous shooters and denounced Trump by name.

So much for Biden’s pledge to be the President of ‘all Americans’.

KJP was thoroughly dragged on social media.

This one was subtle.

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