HILARIOUS: McCarthy Punts NBA Cowards Into Next Week During Presser After Meeting Taiwan’s Pres (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 6, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made history by being the first US leader to meet with Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen on American soil.

The island of Taiwan — or more correctly, the Republic of China — is the small piece of China that freedom-loving Chinese citizens and leaders fled to during Mao’s revolution. It was never conquered by the CCP, and there has been an uneasy peace between them and the CCP ever since.

In the Carter years, diplomatic relations were restored with China. Part of those concessions involved a specific way of officially recognizing this uneasy relationship between the democracy-embracing Republic of China and the Communist Party’s People’s Republic of China.

If you want to know how Xi’s CCP feels about any criticism of their domestic policy, just look at John Cena’s emasculating apology (in Chinese!) after daring to mention the screening of a film in Taiwan, or how the entire NBA trembled in terror over Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeting and then deleting a message saying, ‘Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.’

That latter event was invoked by McCarty in response to the question of whether he was afraid of threats China was uttering in response to Tsai Ing-wen meeting with him in the Reagan Presidential Library.

[Note: Taiwan’s president met in the Reagan Library because Biden’s administration made it clear she was not welcome for a visit in Washington.]

A reporter noted the increasing bipartisan resistance to a rising China and asked why it was becoming such a bipartisan issue and what is your message to China who’s threatening retaliation for this meeting?

McCarthy framed this issue by underscoring that the US government will not be bullied into subservience by China or anybody else. He framed the issue by dragging the NBA over their abject gutlessness in a similar situation.

“Well, my first message to China is there’s no need for retaliation. But the one thing I would say to China, too. At no time — I am the Speaker of the House. There is no place that China’s going to tell me where I can go or who I can speak to, whether you be foe or whether you be friend. I’m not the General Manager of the Houston Rockets. And the one thing I hope all countries see is, we’re united in the same approach. Together. On both sides.

And we’re going to speak with one voice when it comes to China or any others when we look at foreign policy. One of my goals as Speaker is to take away the things that become so partisan.

I respect people on the other side of the aisle that have a different philosophical belief, but when it comes to peace, freedom, and democracy, I think that unties us. When we watch what’s happening in the world today — a movement, and a gathering and it looks like, a little — of a new axis of power.

I think back to what we could have done then that never took place in the ’30s. So today, we’re looking to make sure we have peace going on decades in the future.

I think it’s fitting that you’re here on Reagan’s Library. This is what he advocated in a world that was dangerous. He advocated peace. He found a way to do it. That same place here.

So China should not fear, China should engage with us.

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