Sutherland Springs Victim’s Families Awarded Settlement For DOJ’s Massive Failure

Written by Wes Walker on April 6, 2023

A court award has finally been set for the families of lives lost in the killing spree we saw in a Sutherland Springs church back in late 2017. It was awarded because the federal government could have prevented the slaughter if they’d only followed their own rules correctly.

One of many complaints about people pushing gun laws is the failure to make correct use of the ones we have. The slaughter in a Sutherland Springs church is Texas’ largest mass-casualty event.

Unlike some killers who have no priors and no history of red flags, the man behind Sutherland Springs really was an established threat with a criminal history. Unfortunately, somebody dropped the ball.

The killer was supposed to have been flagged as ineligible to purchase firearms because of his prior history, but he slipped through due to a paperwork error.

We at ClashDaily have covered that story in some depth before now. This one story is key to the lawsuit the DOJ was involved in:

DEAR CNN: Obama Admin DID NOT Report TX Killer’s Dishonorable Discharge – Is That News?

We’ll include some others for context at the end of the article, including something about making churches a harder target for nihilistic killers like that idiot to rain hell on.

But this story isn’t about the attack, it’s about the families.

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it reached a tentative settlement of $144.5 million with the families of the victims of the mass shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in 2017.

The shooting took place in a church and killed 25 people including a pregnant woman. Officials put the death toll at 26, and it remains the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history.

The families of those who died sued the federal government, because the shooter, who was in the Air Force, had a history of domestic violence that should have been flagged in the background system to prevent him from buying a weapon. But the Air Force never entered the information into the database.
Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said the announcement brings the litigation to a close, but “no words or amount of money can diminish the immense tragedy of the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs.”

It is worth noting that Biden’s own DOJ went to court in January. They went to court to FIGHT this judgement and AVOID paying this award.

It’s kind of a strange position for a political party that works so hard to demonize and penalize gun manufacturers, gun dealers and even lawful gun owners to take.

After all, there is a specific cause-and-effect relationship between this failing and the criminal act — a cause-and-effect relationship where the ‘but-for’ application of lawsuits comes into play.

It goes like this: but for the federal government failing to do its job correctly with the paperwork prohibiting Devin Patrick Kelley from purchasing firearms, he would never have qualifed to purchase the firearms he used to murder 26 innocent people attending churhc on a Sunday morning.

And Biden’s people STILL fought the payout. Funny how they only want ‘other people’ to be responsible for obeying and upholding gun laws.

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