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Oregon Lawmaker EXPOSES Leftist Ideology Behind ‘Gender-Affirming Healthcare’ (VIDEO)

This isn’t healthcare, it’s ideology under the guise of healthcare.

The first clue that this is an ideological issue rather than a healthcare issue is that “gender reassignment surgery” has been rebranded with the more palatable “gender-affirming care” nomenclature.

The medical industrial complex is pushing confused children to undergo irreversible treatments and become lifelong medical patients because of an extreme gender ideology that has its roots in the ideas of depraved pedophile John Money and degenerate pervert Alfred Kinsey.

Matt Walsh’s brief profile of John Money is here. (WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT)

This is the foundation of modern gender theory that is now being pushed in schools.

Oregon lawmaker Representative Ed Diehl put forward an amendment to a state law that would allegedly “safeguard” abortion access — including for minors without parental consent — and force medical insurance to cover so-called “gender-affirming care” in the state.

The Oregon Democrats call these sorts of laws “compassionate.”

Often, families with young people presenting with gender dysphoria aren’t told about the high percentage of individuals that become comfortable in their bodies as they pass through puberty or the possible risks or complications from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. They are given an ultimatum that no parent wants to face — “Would you rather have a dead child who didn’t transition or a living child who is transgender?”

Rep. Diehl makes a motion to adopt an amendment that he proposed to include coverage for “detransition” treatments the same way the law is making insurance companies cover the Left’s favored “gender-affirming care” treatment. It would also extend the malpractice statute of limitations on doctors who provide so-called “gender-affirming care” from 5 to 10 years and include a document about the risks associated with gender transition procedures.

Detransitioners are individuals who underwent some form of “gender-affirming care” procedures and found that they were sold a lie by radical gender activists and it isn’t actually possible to change gender, so they wish to return to their bodies to as close to their natal sex as possible.

Unsurprisingly, the Democrats in Oregon don’t want to adopt Rep. Diehl’s amendment because detransitioners are walking, talking billboards that expose the lie that is radical trans ideology.

Forcing detransitioners to pay out of pocket to repair the damage that has been done to their bodies by radical transgender ideologues is decidedly uncompassionate and nothing less than cruel.

Rep. Diehl posted a blistering thread about the Democrat opposition to his amendment.

Here is Rep. Diehl giving the gut-wrenching story of one detransitioner which his Democrat colleague — the Chair of the committee, by the way — refused to believe.

The video is cued to Rep. Diehl’s comments. (WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT)

Later in the hearing, Vice Chair Rep. Christine Goodwin, a Republican, joined her GOP colleague in blasting the easy access to so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors as well as the absurdity of expanding abortion access in Oregon.

This video is cued to Vice Chair Goodwin’s comments on the bill and the amendments followed by some final comments by Rep. Diehl.

In Rep. Diehl’s Twitter thread, he doesn’t hold back as he had to in Committee.

He exposes that the Leftwing pro-trans zealots are fine with pumping pharmaceuticals and cross-sex hormones into young people and chopping off healthy breast tissue from teen girls and castrating young boys for a neo-Gnostic fever dream, but if someone regrets that decision, well, they’d better bear the burden of paying to try to undo what has been done to them by butchers and ideologues.

It’s unconscionable.

As Rep. Diehl points out, it’s also intentional.

This extreme ideology surrounding gender is basically a cult and forcing detransitioners to pay for their detransition is a way to punish the apostates.

Rep. Diehl crushes the “gender-affirming” narrative in 3… 2… 1…

There is zero acknowledgment by radical gender activists of the rapid increase in teens and young adults suddenly identifying as transgender or gender non-conforming — especially among those on the autism spectrum and with pre-existing mental health problems.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that these medical interventions actually help people who suffer from gender dysphoria in the long term. Some studies actually indicate that there is more harm to mental health after a so-called “transition.”

The countries that have actually bothered to look at the studies have slammed the brakes on the so-called “gender-affirming” care model for minors and are promoting psychological counseling that addresses underlying mental health problems and going back to the “watchful waiting” approach that was the standard of care until about a decade or so ago.

North America, however, is going in the opposite direction and plowing full-steam ahead with the medicalization and sterilization of confused children — many of whom are autistic or suffer from mental health disorders.

Democrats sacrifice the unborn on the altar of abortion and they’re messing with the natural progression of development in children with puberty blockers without informed consent of the significant risks, and they’ll chop off healthy sex organs as long as you’re over 18… no wait, 17… maybe 16… or is it 15?

Actually, Layla Jane was just 13 years old when she underwent a “gender-affirming” double mastectomy. She detransitioned at age 17, and now at age 18 is suing Kaiser Permanente for what they did to her.

Here is Layla on The Ingraham Angle:

This is why Rep. Diehl’s amendment is so vital… people make mistakes when they’re young.

Unfortunately, the mistakes young people are making these days can lead to irreversible damage and sterility.

The “compassionate Left” doesn’t give a damn about that, though. But we shouldn’t really be surprised that the left is anti-human — they’ve made it clear that they value the planet over humanity.

When people tell you who they are, believe them.

And when they need to hear some blunt truths — like men can’t become women or vice versa — give them that rude awakening.

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