WATCH: SpaceX Executes Test Of The Biggest Rocket EVER Launched … Was It Successful?

Written by Wes Walker on April 20, 2023

Why is Elon Musk’s SpaceX able to achieve feats of engineering that entire countries have been unable to pull off? Partly because they have a different view of failure than play-it-safe government agencies.

Failure is the cost of doing business.

The only way to discover the points of failure in a rocket program like the one Elon is engaged in is to blow up a lot of rockets to find out where the mathematical models and the real-life engineering don’t quite line up.

Because they have not shied away from failure, they have created a program where rockets can be safely landed back on drone ships, recovered, and reused. They have created a program so robust that it can launch multiple rockets from different places on the same day. They have given NASA an alternative to hitching a ride with the Russian space program for getting our astronauts to space.

Elon has been driven by his dream of creating a way for people to travel to Mars. That’s why he built, and is test-launching, the largest rocket ever made. The good news is that we achieved lift-off.

The better news is that they have data to work with to figure out what happened with the separation that made it go ‘boom’ about four minutes after lift-off.

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