REPORT: Crashed Ukrainian Drone In Russia Was Failed Attempt To Take Out Putin

Written by Wes Walker on April 28, 2023

A German news source made the staggering claim. The crashed drone in Russia claimed to have been Ukrainian in origin had a very specific target: Vlad himself.

Earlier this week we heard news that a crashed drone had been discovered near Moscow.

Russian news reports also claimed Monday that a Ukrainian exploding drone was found in a forest in a forest about 30 kilometres (about 19 miles) east of the Russian capital.
While it didn’t explode, the incident again underscored Ukraine’s capability to reach deep inside Russia as the Ukrainian military is thought to be preparing for a spring counteroffensive to reclaim occupied areas.
— CTVNews

The attack was prompted by word that Putin would be making an appearance at a nearby industrial park

Unidentified sources claimed that the Ukrainian secret service launched a UJ-22 drone loaded with C4 explosives on Sunday, the German newspaper Bild reported.
The drone was allegedly intended to target the Rudnevo Industrial Park, where Putin was expected to visit either Sunday or Monday.
Instead, the outlet said, it exploded about 12 miles away, on the outskirts of Voroskogo.
Photos published by Bild purportedly show the wreckage of the device in a wooded area.
Ukrainian activist Yuriy Romanenko also claimed on Twitter a day after the drone crash that the country’s intelligence “had received information about Putin’s trip,” and that “our guys launched a kamikaze drone that flew through all the air defenses of the Russian Federation and fell not far from the industrial park,” according to a translation by the German publication.
— NYPost

How Russia would have responded to a direct attack on Moscow and the assassination of their leader in action backed by NATO allies is anybody’s guess.

But the menu of choices looks pretty grim.

How much thought have we REALLY given to our ongoing commitment to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and what those commitments could suck us into?

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