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Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten REPEATEDLY Tries To Rewrite History — Twitter Users Won’t Let Her

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Citizen fact-checkers on Twitter are the ones “speaking truth to power” now that the Regime Media has abdicated their role. It’s a thing of beauty.

The President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randi Weingarten, is desperately backpedaling about extended school closures during the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Weingarten appeared before a Congressional Committee claiming that she was doing “everything that she could” to reopen schools as quickly as possible. This is a lie.

Weingarten attempted to counter the real-time fact-checking on Twitter that used her own words against her by posting a video of clips showing her on cable news calling for the “safe” reopening of schoools and making that her pinned tweet.

The note reads:

Weingarten misrepresented her prior positions. She called attempts to reopen schools in the fall of 2020 “Reckless, callous, cruel” Her union pushed aggressively at the local level Areas with high union influence remained closed much longer They continued in 2022

School choice advocate Corey DeAngelis clearly thinks this is hilarious. (He’s right. It is hilarious.)

DeAngelis called it saying that Weingarten would try to rewrite history prior to her Congressional testimony.

He provided the receipts to prove that her version of history is factually incorrect.

Teachers’ unions have always been partisan favoring the left, but it became crystal clear during the pandemic when there seemed to be a concerted effort by those unions to keep schools in the U.S. closed seemingly as long as possible, and Weingarten was out there constantly beating that drum.

The Trump administration was pushing for schools to reopen in the fall of 2020 — which many European countries managed to do, by the way — but the teachers unions balked saying that it wasn’t “safe” to reopen. In response, they blasted the Trump administration for not having a plan and made all sorts of demands including a massive amount of funding to facilitate reopening. They demanded billions in funding for things like installing new HVAC systems, putting up those pointless plexiglass barriers on desks, not to mention the truckloads of sanitizer and useless disposable masks for school children. The AFT specifically made the bizarre demand in its own school reopening plan to cancel student loan debt because that would somehow help schools reopen…? In addition, the AFT supported local strikes for schools that were “forced” to reopen without what they deemed were necessary safety precautions.

A glowing piece in the New York Times that Weingarten has linked as the replacement pinned tweet notes the partisanship of teachers’ unions and the odd demands for reopening.

The unions that represent those teachers, however, are more polarizing. One reason for this is that they are actively involved in partisan politics, and, more specifically, are closely aligned with the Democrats, a reality powerfully driven home during the pandemic. A study by Brown University’s Annenberg Institute found that Democratic districts, with correspondingly strong teachers’ unions, returned to in-person learning more slowly and gradually than Republican districts with weaker unions…
…The A.F.T. had issued its own reopening plan in late April, calling for adequate personal protective equipment, a temporary suspension of formal teacher performance evaluations, a limit on student testing, a cancellation of student-loan debt and a $750 billion federal aid package to help schools prepare to reopen safely and facilitate “a real recovery for all our communities.” Weingarten did not believe the Trump administration was giving schools what teachers needed to return to work safely. She publicly denounced Trump and DeVos’s call to reopen as “reckless,” “callous” and “cruel,” and the A.F.T. passed a resolution supporting local strikes if schools were forced to reopen in areas where a variety of safety conditions hadn’t been met. As if to underscore the point, some teachers took to the streets in protest with mock coffins.
Source: New York Times

Weingarten can try to change the channel and claim that she was pushing to reopen schools, but that’s demonstrably false.

Anonymous Twitter user PoliMath brings the receipts:

This woman is a font of lies and hypocrisy.

When she was called out for attending a conference unmasked in November 2021 — shortly before many schools would move back to virtual learning again due to the threat of The Omicron Variant™.

Of course, she apologized and said that she should have been wearing a mask. She only took it off because people had trouble hearing her speak.

Good thing that isn’t a problem in a classroom where kids are learning to read, eh, Randi? Oh, wait…

The AFT was “colluding” with the Biden CDC on drafting the guidelines for school reopening. Randi was asked about how easily she was able to communicate with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. Weingarten apparently had a direct line.

Of course.

But now you’re supposed to believe that the teachers’ unions weren’t trying to keep schools closed.

Twitter users aren’t going to allow her get away with that. They’re going to keep fact-checking whatever tweet she pins on her account.

Twitter is finally becoming what it was meant to be — a place to hold powerful people accountable in real-time.

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Mahler, Jonathan. “How Randi Weingarten Landed at the Heart of America’s Political Fights.” New York Times. April 28, 2023.

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