Team DeSantis Trolls Bud Light With ‘Freedom Heavy’ Parody Ad That Stands Up For Female Athletes (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 19, 2023

It’s nice to see a prominent politician taking a stand for women and girls against radical trans ideology.

Team DeSantis launched its “Freedom Heavy” collection by mocking Bud’s 1990s-era “Real Men of Genius” campaign.

The ad comes amidst backlash over Bud Light’s decision to partner with controversial transgender-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a performer, who has been playing the offensive caricature of a woman for the past year. For this role, Mulvaney has been showered with corporate sponsorships and given far too much attention than he deserves.

The DeSantis ad features male athletes who have won in female sports competitions. The ad shows a number of male athletes including NCAA title holders, Lia (Will) Thomas and CeCe (Craig) Telfer as the “Real Men In Women’s Sports.”

The Left will say, “Why do you care so much?”

Well, because males competing against females is unfair. The entire purpose of having a separate category is to give women an opportunity to compete fairly against their peers — other women.

What’s happening now is that (depending on the sport) men who say that they fervently wish to become women are now allowed to compete against women after just a few months of testosterone suppression. This fails to take into consideration the basic biological differences between men and women — physical size, lung capacity, bone density, etc. — that affect athletic performance.

One anonymous Twitter user posted a very lengthy thread on some of the mediocre male athletes that suddenly became champions once they begin competing in the female category.

That thread is why we care.

That’s why women’s athletics needs to be protected from gender-confused male interlopers who couldn’t compete against their peers.

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