WATCH: Energy Secretary Granholm Backs U.S. Military Switching To ALL Electric Fleet By 2030

Written by K. Walker on April 26, 2023

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If the U.S. is the first to “show leadership” in this area … what could possibly go wrong?

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is so committed to ending the use of fossil fuel by the government that she’s backing a hair-brained scheme to shift the entire military to a fully-electric fleet in just seven years.

She says that moving away from fossil fuels is important to achieve “energy security” and this move for the military to electric vehicles is one way to achieve “energy independence”.

No, really. She actually said that.

What does she mean by an “EV fleet”? Are we talking a fleet of HumVees and personnel carriers or more than that? She can’t possibly mean the heavy vehicles, can she? That would be insane … and it’s probably not even possible yet since those batteries would need to be absolutely massive.

Let’s not forget that the batteries don’t make themselves, either.

Doesn’t China control the raw material components that are needed to make batteries — and won’t that mean the U.S. military would be (in a sense) dependent on China? Pish-posh! That’s not relevant, is it?

Maybe Secretary Granholm and/or the rest of the Biden administration don’t care if China surpasses the U.S. on the world stage.

Perhaps to them, it’s all about appeasing the Climate gods.

But if that’s the case, then this move doesn’t make much sense, either.

Where and how are all those vehicles going to be charged? She doesn’t say.

What will be used to produce the energy needed to charge those batteries? Not a word on that, either.

There are so many unanswered questions, but the Biden admin is so certain that the answer is to kneecap our military by chaining them to a ridiculous “Green” agenda.

Twitter users dragged Secretary Granholm for the absurd suggestion by pointing out that it (a) isn’t feasible; (b) it would do the opposite of securing energy independence by ensuring dependence on China; and (c) that it’s just a really, really stupid idea that will hurt our military and cost lives.

Here’s an interesting point…

Why, yes. It would be quite susceptible to EMP attacks.

Having the U.S. military as sitting ducks in the middle of a conflict seems a bit counterproductive.

But hey, that’s just the cost of “Going Green.”

Then again, this is the Biden administration we’re talking about, so they probably have a different view of things.

After all, a lot of the people that enlist are hardly the woke ideologues — they’re more MAGA than CRT.

Maybe that’s the point.

Others were just mocking it outright.

That’s not outside the realm of possibility as another Twitter user pointed out…

Some others posted mocking meme reactions.

Well, that’s a Democrat innovation if ever there was one!

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