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Why Is The AP Hiding The Racial Motivation Behind This Violent Hate Crime?

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When a criminal aimed a revolver at his 6yo daughter, a courageous dad threw himself in the path of the bullet. The account of such a hero would be worth reporting … unless it conflicts with an official narrative.

When a local story was repeated at the national level, an eagle-eyed social media user spotted a significant difference in how those stories were being framed.

Before we turn our attention to the bias, let’s establish the baseline facts of the story.

The story centers around Jamie White, his 6yo daughter Kinsley, and a (former) neighbor Robert Louis Singletary, who stands accused in what the news would ordinarily call a ‘mass shooting incident’ last week after a basketball rolled into Robert’s yard.

If you heard the story about a psychopath pulling a gun when a child’s basketball rolled into his driveway, we are describing the same incident.

Singetary is accused of shooting and wounding three people on April 18: Jamie White, his wife, Ashley Hilderbrand, and Kinsley, who was wounded by bullet fragments that lodged in her cheek.

The three of them were shot on what, in many ways, was a normal spring evening. Jamie White was grilling steaks outside, and Kinsley was playing with a group of neighborhood children down the street. — Yahoo

Things changed when the ball rolled into his driveway, he went into his house and came out with a revolver. Jamie tried to appeal to Robert’s humanity, saying there were too many young children in harm’s way for any gunplay.

“I said, ‘Man, that’s crazy.’ And he said, “You white? I don’t even like white people. I’m going to shoot your a–,” White said.

White said that Singetary dropped the gun he was holding and grabbed another, then ran across the road and started firing at White and Kinsley.

“He fires three shots. He hasn’t hit nobody yet. So I turn around and look… My daughter’s right in front of me. I look and see, and he’s pointing straight at my daughter,” he said. “And I just run towards my daughter… and that’s when he got me.”

White fell to the ground. The bullet had punctured one of his lungs and his liver, coming out through his belly. The shrapnel lodged in Kinsley’s cheek.

Singetary pulled the trigger another three times and missed, White said.

“I was worried about my babies,” White said. “I was already hit. I was losing breath. I was on fire. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it.” –Yahoo

This man was ‘known to police’ as the saying goes. As recently as December, he was accused of beating his girlfriend with a ‘miniature sledgehammer; and holding her captive. He was released without bond.

Jamie is reported as saying, “None of this would have happened if the judicial system would have done their job.”

It had all the hallmarks of the kind of story the media loves to run with — a crazed gunman shooting wildly over a meaningless incident, and endangering children.

Someone with his history shouldn’t have and even ONE gun, let alone two.

Unlike so many other shootings, this one was barely a blip.

More interesting is the WAY this was reported.

Why did the AP truncate the quote about the threat of violence to exclude the racially incendiary part…?

When the source story they cited included the rest of the quote:

Any theories as to what motivated this supposedly impartial news source?

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