Biden Turns Screws On Uganda Over Same-Sex Laws … While Giving Iran A Pass

Written by Wes Walker on May 30, 2023

The left likes to rage against western Colonialist powers. As always, the accusation they rush to fling at others is one that describes the left to a tee.

Where Dubya used his presidency for a well-intentioned (if ill-advised) project of ‘nation-building’ and democratic process, Obama and Biden have used theirs for Colonialism. But it may not be not the kind of colonialism you think I mean.

Today’s news cycle features a decision by Joe Biden to crack down on Uganada over laws they have recently passed about sexual behavior. There’s a lot of ground to cover. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and we’ll get to the truth all of those ‘trusted sources’ are conveniently leaving out.

There is no shortage of Western outrage against a law Uganda has recently passed…

Time Magazine: “Uganda Has Signed Into Law the World’s Harshest Anti-LGBTQ Bill. Here’s What to Know”
BBC: Uganda Anti-Homosexuality bill: Life in prison for saying you’re gay
Reuters: Uganda enacts harsh anti-LGBTQ law including death penalty
Politico: Uganda’s president signs into law tough anti-gay legislation

With headlines like those, you might be forgiven if you think Uganda is hanging gay men from cranes in the streets or flinging them from tall buildings.

Some of those headlines are complete lies. But when have these people ever put the facts ahead of a salacious story that pushes a preferred narrative… especially so close to the beginning of the left’s favorite religious festival: Pride Month!

Uganda is doing no such thing. Which is not the same as saying such things aren’t happening elsewhere.

The media’s alarmist language says little about the law’s actual content…

Unlike the press, ClashDaily has gone to the source. We have read and linked to the actual legislation in question. Because unlike the propagandists in corporate media, we encourage you to check our sources.

Before we unpack what Uganda’s controversial law actually says, let’s look at how Biden’s administration has responded to it:

Biden’s White House issued an official statement consisting of a five-paragraph denunciation of this legislation.

Team Biden is talking tough…

The White House statement takes the tone of a disapproving parent scolding a disobedient child. Biden addresses a supposedly sovereign nation by berating their decisions of self-rule calling it a ‘tragic violation of human rights’. Biden speaks in ominous tones about prison sentences for merely being gay. Biden calls the passing of this legislation ‘shameful act’ that he equates with ‘human rights abuses and corruption’. (It takes some serious cojones for Biden to lecture anyone else about issues of ‘corruption. But we continue.)

Biden makes a clear ultimatum.

He expects Uganda to put its financial interests (eg. the Billion+ dollars of financial aid the American Taxpayer gives them) ahead of any right Ugandans have to write laws reflecting the will of their own people. Biden betrays no hint of irony while suggesting such American strong-arming of an African nation represents Biden rushing to the defence of ‘democracy’.

Blinken has already made a statement about the penalties Uganda is facing over this law:

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday said his government would consider visa restrictions against Ugandan officials and others for the abuse of human rights following the implementation of one of the world’s toughest anti-gay laws.
Blinken said he has instructed the State Department to update travel guidance to U.S. citizens and businesses over travel to Uganda. — USNews

If you look at the media reporting, you will see recurring claims about this being the ‘world’s toughest anti-gay laws’. Hold that thought in your mind as we continue further.

Biden the Authoritarian?

If you think this scenario sounds familiar, it should.

This precisely describes the quid-pro-quo scenario that triggered serious investigation into Joe Biden and his family… right down to the part about holding a billion dollars of foreign aid over another country’s head to strong-arm them.

Joe Biden bragged that Ukraine would forfeit a Billion dollars in foreign aid unless Ukraine fired a specific Ukranian prosecutor. Hunter Biden ‘just happened’ to be serving on the financial board of a company that directly benefited from that decision at the time. ‘Son-of-a-bitch, he was fired!’

But that’s not the only time the Obama/Biden government used money as a strong-arm tactic.

But what about the victims?

Remember that viral photo of Michelle Obama holding up a sign saying ‘bring back our girls’? You might suspect that the Obamas really cared deeply about those kidnapped African children. You might imagine Obama giving a rousing speech with nearly as much pathos as he was able to whip up for the death of Trayvon Martin.

That all changes when you take a closer look at Obama/Biden’s policy decisions in Nigeria. You may remember the Boko Haram terrorist group kidnapping children and taking them into the jungles. Some were held for ransom. And some faced a life of sexual servitude to their captors… if they lived at all.

Obama and Biden were happy to help in the fight against the terrorists. Until something changed.

As ClashDaily reported (here):

‘Ever since [Nigerian President Goodluck] Jonathan declined support for same-sex marriage in Nigeria, Obama refused to sell arms to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram. He tacitly supported [President Muhammadu] Buhari and never stepped his foot in Nigeria.

In a moral decision between a Nigerian government unwilling to support same-sex marriage and a Muslim terrorist group killing and raping their way through the countryside, Obama/Biden supported giving the terrorists a pass, rather than helping a country that refused to bow the knee to Obama’s activist secular demands. In that context, Nigeria’s enormous support of Trump’s victory suddenly makes a lot more sense.

It isn’t even as though the terrorists had a view closer to theirs on the topic of same-sex human rights — Boko Haram are jihadists, after all.

When push came to shove, Nigerian civilians became pawns in Obama/Biden’s larger game of exporting the American brand of leftism.

What about Iran?

If either Barack or Joe truly cared about human rights, women, or even the rainbow crowd they claim to hold so dear to their hearts, you might expect an equally aggressive denunciation of Iran.

But there wasn’t one.

In October, Biden offered two tepid paragraphs in response to women being imprisoned (and worse) for protesting the morality police’s ruthless enforcement of hair-covering infractions.

Do you know what the official statement did NOT include? It didn’t include a denunciation of their use of capital punishment with respect to homosexuality or adultery; it didn’t include anything about funding terrorist attacks against US interests; and it didn’t include sanctions saber-rattling. If anything, Biden and Obama have tripped over themselves in looking for ways to put more money in the hands of the Iranians.

What’s the REAL situation in Uganda?

If we take western reporting at face value, we would be led to believe that everybody in Africa had fully embraced all of the left’s cultural exports, but one bad actor is returning to old bad habits.

That isn’t the case at all, as summarized by a non-Western news source.

Same-sex relations were already illegal in Uganda, as they are in more than 30 African countries, but the new law goes much further in targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people.
It imposes capital punishment for some behaviour including having gay sex when HIV positive, and stipulates a 20-year sentence for “promoting” homosexuality.
Lawmakers passed a new draft of the legislation earlier this month, vowing to resist what they said was outside interference in their efforts to protect Uganda’s values from Western immorality.
The amended version said that identifying as gay would not be criminalised but “engaging in acts of homosexuality” would be an offence punishable with life imprisonment.
–Al Jazeera

The article makes several points. 60% of African nations already have laws on the books regarding homosexual acts. The law is specifically drafted to protect Uganda’s beliefs and cultures from outside interference and domineering from Western influences. And third, that there is a distinction in law between same-sex attraction and actual sexual practice.

If you are seeing secular echoes of themes from that old Kipling poem ‘White Man’s Burden’ — then you have been paying attention to the nature of Uganda’s concerns here.

Finally: the ACTUAL legislation

We took the long route to get here, but the detours we took were, I hope, important to the proper understanding of the issues at hand.

In the easily-read thirteen pages of legislation we’ve previously linked to, there are several important points that the Western press is ignoring (whether deliberately or due to lack of journalistic curiousity)… especially with respect to the ‘aggravated homosexuality’ aspects of the law.

Here are two screenshots that are relevant to the wider context:

The explicit purpose of the bill is for the protection and strengthening of Uganda’s traditional family. But that is not the only concern it deals with.

The intent portion specifically calls out (among other things) Western cultural imperialism, and acts of sexual predation.

Normally the left would celebrate such denunciations of Westerners as imperialist or colonialist. But when THEY are named as the offending party, they suddenly get pissy.

Here’s the list of acts that qualify as aggravated homosexuality. Which of these examples does Joe Biden specifically object to?

Offender has sex with a minor victim. Offender has HIV infection. Offender is a parent, guardian, or person with authority. Victim has a disability. Offender uses a substance to incapacitate or overpower the victim.

For which of these would a 10-year sentence be too severe? And before you answer, remember one thing. In America, reckless sex might result in a nasty rash that needs a round of antibiotics. Uganda is a different story.

There’s a reason they might take a more aggressive stance on, for example brothels than America does.

Uganda was the first country in Africa to see a decline in their AIDS epidemic. But by that point, the infection rate was already at dizzying numbers.

Key statistics: 2021
1.4 million people with HIV
5.2% adult HIV prevalence
54,000 new HIV infections
17,000 AIDS-related deaths
1.2 million people on antiretroviral treatment
Uganda began the first national AIDS control programme in 1986 and was the first African country to begin to reverse its HIV epidemic.

Over the past decade, the number of people getting HIV has fallen significantly, but Uganda’s HIV infection rate is still one of the highest in the world.
Due to rapidly expanding HIV treatment, the number of AIDS-related deaths in Uganda fell from 51,000 in 2010 to 17,000 in 2021 – three times fewer deaths.
HIV prevalence among sex workers is estimated to be as high as 35%, 14% among men who have sex with men and 23–35% among fishing communities.

I bet none of the ‘reputable’ news sources brought Uganda’s long struggle with AIDS into their conversations.

We leave our readers with a closing thought.

Just last year, we all saw America’s panicky response to the spread of monkey pox. The fact that some US cities have been warning to brace for another wave highlights a glaring problem in the sexual culture that we are trying to export.

Monkeypox/MPox is just one of several sexually transmitted diseases that is running rampant. Figures for some of the most common STDs/STIs (including the medication-resistant kind) climb higher almost every year. Even the pandemic wasn’t able to slow most of them down.

If the various forms of the West’s 21st Century sexually libertine culture is the moral ‘good’ secularists claim it to be, how shall we explain the difference in exposure to disease between libertines and more traditional (ie: supposedly ‘sexually repressed’) groups?

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