SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Study On WHO Website States mRNA COVID Shots ‘Can Induce’ Multiple Sclerosis

Written by K. Walker on May 30, 2023

Since this bad news came from the WHO itself, the usual internet gatekeepers don’t have the same power to suppress it… but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

The success you have in finding an announcement from the WHO showing a causal link between the jab and Multiple Sclerosis may depend upon which Big Tech Overlord is delivering your internet.

They can’t punish anyone for directly citing the WHO (not while it’s still posted, anyway) but they can still play with their search tools to make it difficult to find.

Dr. John Campbell, a nurse and semi-retired nursing instructor, takes us through a study on the World Health Organization’s website that makes an unusual admission of risk directly associated with taking the jab.

In short, the jab is ‘too effective’ at recognizing the spike protein and attacking it. It inadvertently trains your immune system to recognize the protective coating around your nerves as a target.

The over-active immune response goes on to damage the nervous system. In the end, as Dr. Campbell explains, the person develops symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, with the World Health Org itself saying why they believe there to be a causal link.

The problem is as well as interacting with the SARS coronavirus spike protein as they are supposed to, the T-helper cells also initiate an immune response to the myelin sheath within the central nervous system. If the myelin sheaths within the central nervous system are damaged this is referred to as demyelinating disease and of course the classic example of this pathology is multiple sclerosis.
Although the prognosis of multiple sclerosis is highly variable, often being characterised by relapses and remission of neurological symptoms, the overall trajectory of the disease moves towards greater degrees of paralysis.
So, what all this means is that as a result of the artificial synthesis of spike protein, the body generates an immunological reaction. However, this immunological reaction also damages the body’s own tissues. It generates a self-immune reaction, that is an autoimmune disease.
Source: John’s Substack

In case it gets scrubbed in the future, here’s proof that it exists as of the time of this writing:

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World Health Organization link

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