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BIG DAY: Hawley Exposes Dems’ SCOTUS Threats AND Open Contempt For Blue-Collar Work (VIDEO)

In the Senate minority, there’s not a lot of leverage you can bring to the table. But the right question in a hearing can sometimes be a game-changer.

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Yesterday, Hawley saw not one, but two hearings in which his questions made a difference.

First, we have the five-minute video from the Judiciary hearings. Those are the hearings whose primary purpose is to cast doubt on the integrity of SCOTUS, casting aspersions on those appointed by Republicans.

In dealing with a co-equal branch of government, the jackboot tactics Schumer and Pelosi were accustomed to wielding through the previous few years just wouldn’t fly. If they were going to coerce them, they’d have to find another way.

They wanted to cut funding. But what finding were the Democrats planning to cut?

Hawley did the math. They were going to strip away their protective security — less than a year after someone was apprehended on his way to assassinate not one but three of the sitting Justices in a move that was explicitly political and motivated by Democrat sympathies.

Here’s the shorter version:

At another point in the same day, Hawley is part of an energy hearing. He is taking DOI Sec. Haaland to task over her priorites.

He opens with a leaked memo about her office explicitly prioritizing climate change over energy security. He specifically focuses on the agency levering the highest possible royalty rate as a way to disincentivize energy production in Alaska.

He mentions wording in the leaked memo that makes an explicit choice favoring climate activism over energy security.

Hawley goes into all the ways her priorities will advantage China over American interests while endangering our own energy independence. Then he mentions all the jobs that her policies will destroy. Her absolute indifference to all the jobs her policies would destroy is breathtaking.

Here’s the shortened clip from that longer one, the part that’s getting attention.

It’s the same contempt we saw with ‘learn to code’ but now it’s coming from our own so-called ‘public servants’.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck