BUD LIGHT: Their Dylan Nightmare Isn’t Over Yet… They’re Now Facing A Congressional Investigation!

Written by Wes Walker on May 22, 2023

Insulting and alienating the core demographic responsible for keeping their brand alive wasn’t just the biggest marketing blunder since New Coke (or CNN+)… it may have been illegal.

At the heart of the issue is this simple question:

Did Bud Light partner with Dylan Mulvany to demonstrate their woke bona fides? That led to a massive cratering of sales. (Of course, the ‘fratboy’ swipe at their core market while calling Bud a ‘dying brand’ didn’t help at all.)

In case you missed it, CNN proclaimed in their all their usual journalistic that the boycott was no big deal. CNN giving such assurances should have been the first big warning sign.

It became a scandal so big that we couldn’t help but launch a whole new hold my beer product line in our ClashDaily store:

The now-fired woman responsible for reaching out to Dylan Mulvany said the brand was trying to appeal to new customers. Where they trying to make consumers out of Dylan’s audience? This is an important question to ask, because if it leads to the wrong answer, Bud Light marketers may have run afoul of the law.

Obviously, Dylan’s audience is not the dirt-under-the-fingernails tailgating sports fan so typical of their core demographic. Even in his Bud Light social media post, Dylan overplayed his ignorance of commonly-understood aspects of Basketball. It’s a persona, like everything else about him.

If every influencer has an audience, and if it turns out they were trying leverage this influencer’s audience, what do we know about who he appeals to?

That’s where we quote a press release from Senators Marsha Blackburn and Ted Cruz, where they raise their concerns about the possibility of Bud Light marketing alcohol to children.

The full 5-page PDF can be seen here.

Here are two screenshots from the letter.

The first screenshot is from the beginning of the letter, calling for the Beer Institute’s self-regulatory body to look into whether this use of Dylan as an influencer violated any marketing guidelines about pitching to people younger than the drinking age… as well as announcing a series of document requests.

The second screen shot includes evidence that Dylan’s target audience is — to a large degree — well below drinking age. Examples include dressing as a small child while lip-synching to ‘I am Eloise, I am six.’; giving away cash and prizes to teenage girls in a mall; shopping for Barbie Dolls (a product mainly sold to girls aged 3-12).

Insulting your brand’s key demographic was bad enough.

But if it turns out that a beer brand has been marketing to kids? This nightmare may well be remembered as ‘the good old days’.

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