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Canada’s Blackface Hitler Under Fire For ‘Mansplaining’ Democracy To Italian Prime Minister

Hiroshima may be best remembered as the site where the ‘Little Boy’ nuke exploded in 1945, but more recently it was the site where Trudeau just got spanked like a ‘little boy’.

Canada’s super-woke PM showed up to the G7 meetings in Hiroshima where more serious leaders came to discuss (among other things) China’s malign economic influence, Trudeau was his usual oafish self. He smugly talks down to more serious leaders for failing to curtsey sufficiently to the globalist agenda.

He defaulted to his favorite subset of that globalist vision — the variously-abbreviated rainbow agenda.

In one of the side-meetings leaders took time for at the G7, Trudeau sat down with Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Trudeau, in the style of the typical colonialist globalist progressive, doesn’t approve of her country’s current LGBT (&c) laws and insists that she should change to conform to his woke ideals.

Politico described it this way:

“Obviously, Canada is concerned about some of the (positions) that Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights,” Trudeau told Meloni, who was visibly annoyed, according to multiple media outlets.
“But I look forward to talking with you about that,” he added before the start of the meeting.

When she sat down for the presser she discussed issues of substance between the two countries, spoke politely about opportunities for cooperation, and acknowledged Canada’s large Italian community. (She begins speaking at 0:33 in the video below.) Trudeau, for some reason, showed no reciprocal grace at that moment and made a point of bitching on camera about his preferred LGBT issues. (Trudeau speaks from 1:29)

The expression on her face, when she turns to face the camera as he ends at about 2:45, is priceless.

Official written statements were exchanged by leaders for both sides. Here was hers:

In her meeting with Trudeau, Meloni said that “her government is following court decisions and is not deviating from previous administrations,” according to the note. — Politico

In any other context, a man smugly telling a woman she was wrong to exercise her leadership role as she sees fit would be loudly denounced as ‘mansplaining’.

But don’t expect any such reaction from anyone except a handful of right-of-center news outlets in the North American press. Trudeau is, after all, the very embodiment of the Media(D)’s political agenda.

The Toronto Sun is one of the few remaining Canadian critics of Trudeau.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a self-described feminist, is being slammed for his “repugnant” behaviour after trying to “mansplain” democracy to Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni.
Meloni seemed none too pleased Friday at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, when Trudeau told her before private, bilateral talks that “Canada is concerned about some of the positions Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights.” He added that he was looking forward to speaking to her more about the issue and “other democratic principles that the world needs.”
The Italian leader fired back Sunday, saying she rejected Trudeau’s criticism and that the Liberal leader had fallen “victim” to “fake news.”
— Toronto Sun

Front Page Mag did a pretty good job of savaging him. Here’s the headline:

But the Italians were not ceding Trudeau a single inch of moral high ground from which to moralize Italians as their ‘better’.

They hit him where it hurts him most — his ego. For bonus points they reminded the world what a charlatan he is on his supposed ‘ally’ issues… by putting Trudeau’s Blackface photo on their front page.

One Canadian wondered how badly Trudeau would embarrass his countrymen on THIS foreign trip. Rex showed Milan’s paper calling him a buffoon

The headline translates, roughly, to “This buffoon wants to teach us lessons”.

For a guy who is so adamant about having others conform to his leftist ideology, you’d think he would at least get the terminology nailed down.

Justin Trudeau — international laughingstock.

As you may have noticed, Trudeau is fully bilingual. That means he can spout nonsense in two languages.

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