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Durham Report Exposes The Real ‘Threat To Democracy’ — The Anti-Conservative Bias Of The Deep State

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The long-awaited Durham Report was damning for the FBI, the Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign.

The Durham Report released on Monday confirms that conservatives have been right for the past several years.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the Average Joe American that doesn’t pay keen attention to politics will know that the same people lecturing about the “danger to democracy” that the Bad Orange Man posed are the same ones that weaponized government agencies against a Republican candidate and then President of the United States.

And since the corpos in the Regime Media — the same ones that uncritically repeated the Russian Collusion lies because of their overt anti-right bias — are going to cover the Durham Report with that very same bias.

Fox News’s The Five gave a quick breakdown of the 306-page report shortly after it was released. Martha McCallum, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld all pointed out how dangerous this is for the country while the token Lib n the panel, Jessica Tarlov, insisted that the Fake News “Russia Collusion” smear was actually a good thing for Donald Trump.

McCallum points out that the report says a lot of things that right-wingers have known for years — the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump-Russia collusion was “based on the thinnest thread from an Australian informant”, that the FBI ignored their own Russian analysts, and that higher-ups in the FBI had a plan that they executed regardless of facts.

Judge Jeanine says that she is disgusted because of the effects of the smearing of Trump — it divided the country, but the side that has been vilified for 7 years was right the entire time. She then says that the corrupt Deep State and lying Regime Media will carry on as if nothing has happened because they don’t fear any repercussions for their behavior.

Watters recaps what we knew and elaborates on a few things that we didn’t know such as:

  • the FBI shut down investigations into the Clinton Foundation and illegal foreign contributions to the Clinton campaign
  • ex-FBI Director Comey personally pushed for the spying on Trump
  • FBI told officials not to write anything down
  • Democrats created the Pee Tape
  • some agents from the FBI and DOJ refused to cooperate with Durham

Tarlov follows Watters by exposing her Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome as she makes apologies for the FBI, Crooked Hillary, and the Corpo Media.

Gutfeld, who stayed quiet for the first part of the segment … and then drops the truthbombs.

On Monday, Sean Davis appeared on Fox News Tonight, the 8pm show that is airing on what had been Tucker Carlson’s time slot. Davis told this week’s host, Will Cain, that the Durham Report has made it clear that the FBI is a domestic terror threat and needs to be defunded.

We’re with you, Sean.

The Founders would probably have been shocked that the nation that they carefully crafted to ensure federalism was maintained had created a federal police agency.

The farther an agency is from accountability from voters, the more oversight it needs to keep it honest, and it’s pretty clear that the FBI has been corrupted.

While there are still some good men and women that are rank-and-file FBI agents, the fish rots from the head down, and the head has been rotting for some time.

It’s time to radically transform the agency … or toss it altogether.

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