Gen Flynn Has A Message Of Courage And Faith … Amid Lessons Learned In Battle

Written by Wes Walker on May 16, 2023

General Flynn is a fighter. Love him or hate him, he’s been through the ringer enough that all the world can see the man has no quit in him.

And in this 3 minute clip, he tells us why.

Whether here at home or on some foreign battle field, some dynamics are the same.

You don’t fight because you hate some guy on the other side — you fight because you love your country. The role of prayer, the twinge of fear? He has something to say about that too.

And this message comes at a heckuva time.

For one, Trump made a surprise appearance in the middle of his speaking event.

He called in by phone to address the crowd and give an amazing vote of confidence in General Flynn.

Never give up.

So long as you can will yourself to keep getting up off that mat, the (metaphorical) good fight is never over. Which brings us to the second point.

The Durham Report just exposed deliberate malfeasance on the part of the FBI that has brought his family to the brink of bankruptcy. But he’s still fighting the good fight.

Here’s his official statement about the Durham Report.

(Link here)

The key part of that message can be found in the following:

“This report provides further vindication that the FBI investigation that targeted and persecuted me and my family should never have occurred. While I appreciate the further vindication explained in this report, thanks to the dedicated work from John Durham and his team, I am still angered that this ever was allowed to happen in the first place. The American people were robbed of millions of taxpayer dollars due to this hoax meant to target President Trump, me, and our supporters. My family and I were attacked for years due to lies. Where do we go for justice? How do I get those lost years of my life back? This is why I have sued the Department of Justice — there must be accountability if our constitutional republic is to survive. The FBI dragged my name through the mud for years despite the entire basis of their investigation being built on a lie that they knew about.

Notably, the report emphatically states that the FBI never had any tye of evidence that I engaged in any conspiracy with Russia. The FBI instead apparently went foward with their investigation because I was a member of the Trump campaign who had visited Russia. The FBI opened this fraudulent investigation against me and the Trump campaign despite providing no defensive briefings, either before or after they opened the investigations, to President Trump or anyone in the campaign. Importantly, the report emphasized on page sixty-six, that the investigation int me and others in the Trump campaign ‘had not resulted in the collection of any inculpatory information’.

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