Forget COVID, There’s A REAL Virus Coming That Should Make Us Keep ‘Title 42’ In Place

Written by Wes Walker on May 8, 2023

[This article may contain commentary representing the author’s opinion.]

Back in those early days of the pandemic, when health officials started talking about their interest in involuntary quarantine, the natural question many of us asked was — is this virus really as bad as other viruses for which such an extreme measure is already an accepted practice?

TB, for instance, is the kind of illness that both so transmissible AND such a menace to those who contract it (Not just the lethality, but the difficulty in treating/recovering from it) that there are specific laws on the books to deal with it, including the forfeiture of certain rights and freedoms.

With the emergence of drug-resistant strains of TB, those aggressive safeguards become even more important in a disease that has historically killed so many.

When the chaos and uncertainty that came with the early days of the pandemic had quieted, we crunched the real numbers. That’s when we learned that apart from certain vulnerable groups, the severity, and transmission of COVID were a little worse than the flu — but not orders of magnitude worse.

Yet, for some reason, we STILL closed the whole country down for it. We bought the lie sold to us by the 1619 zealots while forgetting the Spirit of 1776 upon which the nation was first founded. [Which inspired our ClashDaily exclusive 1776 > 1619 merch.]

Now that we’ve decided to acknowledge that the worst of it is behind us, some of the border laws first activated to safeguard the country from the unwanted spread of illness are about to be dropped.

Title 42 is set to expire, meaning the government believes there is no longer a medical emergency that justifies turning large numbers of people away at our border. It is expected that scenes like this will soon look like ‘the good old days’.

Before they drop Title 42, have they considered ALL the facts? Is it possible they are missing something right in front of their eyes?

Does the data say it’s safe to drop Title 42 or no?

Sure, COVID may have pretty much run its course just as three-qurarters of a million people are set to flood the country… but what ELSE are we missing?

We look across the border and see the mass of people cued up to flood in here. But some people have gone further upstream to the staging area where people from all over the world go BEFORE they get to Mexico to await the final stage of their journey.

For all we see poised to come in just over the border, some who have gone further upstream to Central America are warning the rest of us that things are about to get much, MUCH worse than anything we have seen thus far.

Worse in terms of the flood of people, sure. But worse in another way, too.

It’s also about to get worse in terms of the introduction of exotic diseases Americans have never had to deal with in large numbers.

Why is this immigration being pushed so hard?

The superficial and obvious answer is that Democrats are pushing it.

But have we considered the possibility that even they are just dancing to someone else’s tune? One that has been documented?

This really IS the opposite of ‘America First’.

This explanation would go a long way toward answering those lingering questions about why the insiders are working so hard to demonize any association with the Make America Great Again agenda.

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