GOP 2024: Vivek Draws Distinctions Between His Campaign And The Two Frontrunners

Written by Wes Walker on May 31, 2023

Most of the media attention may be focused on how Trump and DeSantis have been trading punches — but there’s more to the contest than just the two contenders.

Today we have been highlighting campaign speeches/videos from various leading nominees from the GOP race. This article features a video from Vivek Ramaswamy.

[If you want to see today’s coverage of Trump or DeSantis, you can click the links on each of their names.]

Vivek is one comparative ‘longshot’ whose participation in the race we like to keep an eye on.

He’s interesting mainly because, whether or not he ends up with the result he is looking for, he is nevertheless adding interesting new wrinkles to the coming debates.

Vivek’s positions on China, affirmative action, and the Climate are distinctly his own, for example.

Here he is making his case on a short news interview.

Some of the points he’s hitting:

Like’s Trump’s agenda, but plans to take it even further

– finish the wall AND use military to defend our own border
– Scrap the DoE and let states run education
– end affirmative action (exec order created it)
– abandon climate agenda

In contrasting himself with DeSantis — R.D is good at executing the received visions of others (points to a flip in RD’s Disney policy) whereas Vivek describes himself as a visionary with ideas of his own.

He’s first GOP millennial candidate and he wants to help the youth in America get past the identity crisis they are caught in. Many of them don’t have a clue about what it means to be American.

Taking on the Administrative State will require the closure of entire agencies and firing of bureaucrats.

In measuring his own candidacy against Trump’s he adds an observation: ‘you only get to be the outsider once’.

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