GOP 2024: DeSantis Hits Iowa For His First Big Campaign Event Since The Launch (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 31, 2023

Trump held a big lead in the polls when DeSantis finally wrapped up in Florida’s legislative session and joined the race. Now Florida’s governor is making his move to see if he can make up any ground.

Not counting the official launch with Elon on Twitter, this was his first real kick at the can. Either way, this is his first big event on camera where he makes the case for why he should be the GOP’s pick for Presidential Nominee in 2024.

Today we have been highlighting campaign speeches/videos from various leading nominees from the GOP race. This article features a video from Ron DeSantis.

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Since we’re putting videos from several candidate up, it’s only fair that we show their merch as well. Here’s our ‘Florida’ collection, which includes several unique items including our ClashDaily store exclusive ‘where woke goes to die‘ t-shirts.

Here’s the video of the full speech itself.

For our ‘too-long-didn’t-read’ readers, we’ve helped you out.
Below the video is a summary some bullet points from what he’s said in the speech, written in the same order he made them.

We left out the part where his wife spoke on his behalf, and we showed you the time stamp where he tries to ‘land the plane’ so to speak, with how those traits, qualities, and achievements translate to being behind the Resolute Desk.


If Hunter were a Republican, he would be in jail.
Woke ideology is a war on truth itself.

Medical authoritarianism — Biden’s attempt to deny Americans the right to earn a living and put food on the table if they do not get the mRNA shot.

Joe Biden’s dereliction of Duty — 13 killed in Afghanistan.

Why are 5 of 7 wealthiest counties in America suburbs of Washington DC?

American decline is not inevitable, it is a choice.

Inflationary print-borrow-spend policies are pricing hard-working Americans out of a good standard of living

Completely energy independent.

(Slams examples of Federal spending/debt) — In Florida, we run budget surpluses… an economy large enough to be the 13th largest in the world if Florida were measured as an independent country, with the 2nd lowest per capita debt in the country

Stop having future generations clean up your economic mess.

Merit must trump identity politics.

Borders must be respected. (immigration/ fentanyl)

Law enforcement.

Military. — was an honor to serve, addresses priorities having nothing to do with readiness (climate, identity politics) recruiting is suffering — return to the core mission.

Constitutional Government is incompatible with faceless fed bureaucrats running the show — return government to rightful owners: We The People.

No Social or Economic transformation without representation

Reassert Truth as the foundation of our society.

Florida Accomplishments:
Florida Covid response / Fauci
Barred CCP land purchases.
Legislation blocking woke banking practices and ESG scores
Tax relief for child-rearing purchases
Universal school choice
Most conservative state supreme court
Constitutional carry
Death penalty for pedophiles
Bonuses for police/fire
Removed Soros prosecutor
Martha’s Vineyard

Block digital currency
Block school discrimination
Banned Zuckerbucks
Banned ballot harvesting
Required ID for ballots
Ban gain-of-function

Exposing the book ban hoax.
“if it’s too graphic for the 6 o’clock news, how is it appropriate for the classroom?”
One day a year to teach the evils of communism.
Eliminating gender ideology in the schools
I know all these Republicans are lining up against me to take the side of Disney

It’s wrong for a swimmer to compete for 3 years as a man, declare himself to be a woman and be called women’s champion. It is a fraud. And we are not going to accept things that are not true in this country.

It’s wrong for physicians to perform sex changes on minors.
That is mutilation.
Physicians who commit such acts will not only lose their license, they will go to jail.

Florida is thriving.
Fastest-growing state in net migration.
Number one in education.
Number one in parent involvement in education
Fifty-year low in crime

At about the 36-minute mark, for the closing ten minutes, he pivots to a summary of how he plans to take these accomplishments and duplicate them at the national level

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