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HEY PATRIOTS: Ford’s Dropping A New Definition Of ‘Tough’ — What Do You Think?

[NOTE: This article may contain commentary reflecting the views of the writer]

It’s been an interesting year in the marketing departments of popular brands. Decisions are being made about just how far they are willing to lean into polarizing social agendas at the risk of alienating customers.

Disney and Bud Light have found themselves bleeding red ink. But the urge for corporations to comply with the Current Thing is strong.

It’s the kind of woke stupidity that inspired our ClashDaily store to open up our new ‘hold my beer‘ line.

With June fast approaching, we can expect a mad scramble for people and companies tripping over each other to prove their rainbow-supporting credentials.

What was first billed as a campaign for society to remove the stigma associated with certain non-traditional sexual relationships has rushed down the exact slippery slope that was warned about.

Mere toleration and decriminalization is no longer enough. If you fail to celebrate what was once called ‘alternative lifestyles’, you are a bad citizen.

Fears of being hit with a boycott after being smeared with a label like ‘bigot’ or ‘-phobe’ drives corporations to insulate themselves by putting out politically correct advertising like this:

Two trucks covered in mud racing through on a muddy track.

That checks the cool and manly box, right?

The first truck runs though a spray of water, revealing the shiny red paint job and the name of the model. The camera catches a glimpse of a rainbow as the truck drives through the spray.

Then it’s the second truck’s turn. Instead of going through a spray, this one races through a large pool of standing water.

Amazingly, when it comes out, all the mud is washed off, revealing the paint job on THAT truck. Instead of a bright red paint job like the first one, this one is painted up with a not-at-all-subtle rainbow pattern.

One of our contributors, who goes by ‘The Texian’ had this to say about the ad:

The global-ist corporations are the ones funding the relentless multi-vectored satanic attack on men and women. Remember, satan can create nothing. satan (I’m intentionally leaving the “s” lower-case) can only destroy or counterfeit. “Trans”-humans are counterfeits of the male and female. “Non-binary” is the counterfeit to binary. “Birthing people” is the counterfeit to mothers. “Pride” is the counterfeit to humility (and, as it reads, Pride proceeds the downfall.) Look for the counterfeits and destruction all around you and you will see the hand from the invisible realm is working everywhere. You do not fight flesh and blood, you fight the powers of darkness from outside principalities.

What do our other readers think about Ford’s new definition of Tough?

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