SMOKING GUN: Email Proof That The 51 IC Letter Was Deliberate Election Interference (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 5, 2023

[NOTE: May contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.]

When Chuck Schumer told President-Elect Trump that the Intelligence Community has ‘Seven ways past Sunday’ of getting back and someone who pissed them off, he wasn’t kidding.

The entire story of how they used their intel connections in an ongoing opposition campaign against Trump might never see the light of day, although we see glimpses of it in their involvement with the various attempts to destroy him going back to even before he was elected.

[With a weaponized deep state like that, is it any wonder our various ‘Corrupt FBI’ merch is one of our biggest sellers!]

The eventual coup-de-grace that finally put the cherry on top of the NeverTrump coup-d’état was when they wrote a letter discrediting a very real news story about his laptop connecting the Biden family to pay-for-play foreign bribery.

Anthony Blinken, an advisor on Biden’s campaign, leaned on former CIA Director Mike Morell to discredit the news on the laptop.

John Solomon has found the email showing that the letter had nothing to do with warning the public about foreign interference. Worse than that, this was an intentional act of election interference parlaying the public’s trust in the people who know the nation’s secrets into a psyop tool to interfere in a free and fair election.

Morell sent out emails asking for favors and endorsements. Within minutes, he had them attaching their names to it, confirming what we already knew that there was no actual belief that Russians were involved, only a plan to push Trump out of the presidency.

And don’t forget, we still don’t have any satisfactory answers for what happened when producers sent Tucker Carlson a digital copy of this same information … only to find it missing.

Someone Opened Tucker’s Mail — Can We Add Mail Tampering To The Biden Scandal Coverup Story?

True information derogatory to the left’s preferred candidate was discredited, cheating the American public out of any informed consent a truly free exercise of their franchise to vote as a citizen requires.

Post-election election made it clear that many Biden voters would never have cast their votes for him had they known this was legit… enough that it would have swung the election the other way.

Ballot box stuffing isn’t the only way to ‘rig’ an election.

No matter how many times the media says ‘big lie’, Trump is right to object to the 2020 results. The only point of disagreement is on HOW the election was rigged.

Time magazine preferred to call the election ‘fortified’ … even though that amounts to saying exactly the same thing.

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