Cruz Explains Why New Bribery Allegations Put Biden In Greater Jeopardy Than Previous Allegations

Written by Wes Walker on May 5, 2023

The complicit regime media may be able to help Biden brush off most of the allegations so far — especially if Merrick Garland is going to play the role of political flunkie in advancing Biden’s personal agenda.

But some allegations are more dangerous to him than others.

Tax evasion and drugs? The media can spin that well enough.

But explicit allegations of bribery? That word is far more dangerous because it is an explicit allegation mentioned in the Constitution that would justify impeachment.

And this would be a VALID impeachment, unlike the kind we saw these last couple of years when they were desperate to take out Trump. (Shameless capitalistic plug for our merch alert!)

Ted Cruz explains why the Comer/Grassley letter is a BIG break in the growing pile of damning evidence against Joe Biden.

He tells us how we can tell whether Garland is overseeing a real investigation or running damage control.

After covering that, the conversation pivots to looming chaos in our shattered border that would make what we’ve seen so far seem like a walk in the park.

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