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‘They’re Desperate’ Megyn Kelly SLAMS Fox News For Stupid Attempts To Smear Tucker Carlson

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It’s not working. In fact, it may be doing the opposite of what they intended.

Former Fox News darling, Megyn Kelly is calling out her former employer for their attempt to smear Tucker Carlson.

While I wasn’t exactly a massive fan of Kelly when she was on FNC, Megyn Kelly unleashed from cable is a totally different story. Her podcast has been a must-listen — especially lately as she has been covering the Tucker Carlson situation with her insider knowledge and sources loyal to her that still work at Fox News.

Over the last few days, there has been a slow drip of leaked texts and videos of Tucker Carlson in the leftwing corporate media.

One of the text messages was part of those collected in the Dominion lawsuit which was irrelevant to the case and therefore never made public… until now.

The video clips are from commercial breaks, between segments, or before/after Tucker’s show and show him in candid moments. Who could possibly have access to these unaired moments captured by Fox News cameras? It’s a mystery!

The thing is, these leaks are popping up in very weird places, left-wing outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, and, most surprisingly, Media Matters For America (MMFA).

MMFA is the leftwing “media watchdog” organization founded by influential Democrat political insider, David Brock, with the explicit goal of destroying right-wing news. Kinda weird that some Fox News insider would be leaking to those guys, eh? But here we are.

The goal of Media Matters is to sling as much mud as possible and smear anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton while Fox News is motivated to separate Carlson from his audience so that the Fox News faithful will return to the fold.

There’s just one problem with that — the “smears” humanize Tucker who acts like we all do at times and the clips actually make him more likable.

Take a look at the supposedly damning videos of Tucker that MMFA “Senior Fellow” Matt Gertz posted over the last few days.

The first clip shows Carlson prepping for an interview with Piers Morgan who had recently joined Fox News. In the clip, Carlson jokes about discussing sex on Morgan’s show.

The second video has Carlson saying that some guy’s girlfriend is “yummy”, but then says that he is just joking and has a very explicit message for Media Matters.

The third video is Tucker talking about how his “postmenopausal fans” assess his appearance.


Gertz then posted another leak on Wednesday where Tucker talks about being grilled by Dominion’s lawyers.

It’s just sad.

This is all so ridiculous. Who is truly offended by any of that? Those were semi-private moments with his team that were never meant to be aired. I’m sure you could take clips of anyone on the air and do the same hatchet job on them.

The clips of Candid Tucker are interesting — Carlson appears to be the same person on camera as off camera. He takes the time to thank all of the people involved in making his show happen. He talks to them as equals and doesn’t treat them as underlings. Do you think that the hosts of The View would be caught on camera casually chatting with the unwashed masses as they spackle on the makeup in a vain attempt at making these angry harpies look good on television? Probably not.

For several days, Megyn Kelly has been unloading on Fox News for the sudden sidelining of their star host. On Wednesday’s show, she blasted them for their cowardice in not being transparent with their audience about why Tucker is gone and told them not to be “douchebags” trying to destroy the guy that was a ratings giant for them.

On Tuesday’s show, Kelly broke down the “leaked” videos and called out Irena Briganti, Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications at Fox News, by name as the one who is crawling through old clips looking for dirt. A Gawker post called Briganti “The Most Vindictive Flack In The Media World” back in 2018.

Kelly’s been on a roll calling out her former employer over the sudden firing of the most popular cable news host at the peak of his popularity.

On Thursday’s show, Kelly discussed the post-Tucker Fox News ratings plummet with three of the four hosts of the Ruthless Podcast, Twitter user Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook.

Kelly says that the leaks are only making Tucker’s audience fall more in love with him.

(She’s right.)

Later on Thursday, Gertz posted another leaked video clearly trying to make Tucker look like he’s sexist.

You can be sure that Megyn Kelly 2.0 will be discussing it on her Friday show.

The world needs more voices out there — not just the ones that Media Matters green-lights.

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