WATCH: Rep MTG Bringing Articles Of Impeachment To The Following Biden Administration Members

Written by Wes Walker on May 18, 2023

[NOTE: this article may contain commentary reflecting the views of the author.]

With the border in chaos, our DOJ targeting civilians instead of criminals, and a whole list of other grievances, MTG is putting articles of impeachment on the table.

She takes specific instances of disqualifying behavior of the America Last Biden administration appointees — and the President himself — in providing context for the articles of impeachment she is bringing forward.

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This is not a short list of people.

When asked, she believes Mayorkas would be the easiest one to impeach considering his track record, but Christopher Wray would be second.

Before the Democrat sympathizers object and call this stupid, strategically, there may be something to it.

Let’s remember the role that activist Democrats played in ‘setting the battlefield’ against Trump by floating a few early impeachment votes before they finally got one that sticks.

As we learn more about just how lawless this administration is, and how much contempt it has for citizens and the rule of law, having someone like MTG preparing the ground in the same way may make the inevitable impeachment vote more palatable to ‘squish’ voters in the future.

They can say they didn’t vote for impeachment right away… it was only AFTER the evidence against Joe became overwhelming.

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