Sports Illustrated Puts A Dude On The Cover Of Their Swimsuit Edition… It Gets Worse

Written by Wes Walker on May 18, 2023

[NOTE: This article may contain commentary reflecting the views of the author.]

So strong is the cultural stranglehold of the activist left that major corporations would sooner set their brands on fire by openly offending their customer base than fail to appease their temperamental cultural overlords.

Having learned nothing from Bud Light’s decision to elevate Dylan Mulvaney as the face of their products, Sports Illustrated has put 30yo trans singer Kim Petras on the cover of the Swimsuit Edition.

(Bud Light’s decision was so catastrophic and caused such a harsh backlash among its customer base it inspired a new ‘hold my beer’ product line at our ClashDaily store🙂

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has put biological male Kim Petras in a two-piece swimsuit on its Swimsuit Edition magazine cover that was released Monday.
Petras is a singer and songwriter who identifies as transgender. The grammy award winner was among the “28 incredible women” which Sports Illustrated celebrated in its recent Swimsuit Edition of the magazine.
“While she’s proud that the trans community is inspired by her work, she uses her platform to encourage others to reach for the stars, regardless of gender or sexuality,” the magazine said.
— DailyCaller

For anyone not familiar, here’s a look at the guy on the swimsuit issue that we’re talking about.

Here’s a list of his ‘accomplishments’.

It’s a sad story, really.

Laura Chen points out the obvious implication of this choice for a featured model on their cover. Sports Illustrated, in featuring him, is affirming the practice of child mutilation and sterilization.

This wouldn’t be the first time ‘progressives’ have supported sterilization in the name of science. In the early 20th Century, they were doing sterilizations without consent in a different context. They, too, relied on arguments from ‘science’. They did it in the name of ‘racial hygiene’ — also known as eugenics. In case you are wondering ‘which side of history’ they found themselves on, the idea was copied by Germans in the 1930s. Let the reader understand.

It’s a bold gamble: licking the boots of the alphabet lobby and hoping the men who subscribe to their magazine don’t give them the Bud Light treatment?

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