BIDEN’S BRIBES: New Evidence Implicating Hunter In Money Laundering With Burisma

Written by Wes Walker on June 19, 2023

Remember the time Joe Biden quipped ‘where’s the money’ when asked about the FBI investigation into the allegations that the Bidens coerced Burisma into paying $10M worth of bribes?

Unfortunately for Joe, we’ve all just taken a big step closer to that answer.

Once again, our unique ‘Hunter’s Laptop Matters’ slogan [and unique shirt, mug and hoodie, which are an irreverant twist on the BLM logo — yes those ARE lines of coke] is central to unlocking those dirty secrets. ‘Look at this photograph’ is *ahem* ‘right on the money’.

Now that we have this much evidence pouring out of the laptop, can we finally stop pretending Hunter ‘forgot’ it at the repair shop? It would take a lot to persuade this writer that leaving it the repair shop was anything less than an attempt at a plausibly innocent-seeming way to destroy damning evidence and put it beyond the reach of any subpoena, police raid or judge’s ruling. But I digress.

Comer and Jordan have been hot on the trail of evidence the banks and the FBI have not been happy about them finding. Pieces of evidence about the Biden Crime family are filling in the gaps and forming a picture…

Turns out it’s the very same picture Trump put in the meme that Twitter took down to protect Biden. The official reason (for whatever that is worth) was ‘a copyright strike’.

The laptop shows evidence of Hunter opening a bank account in a sketchy bank with Burisma. How sketchy? The bank was later closed down over its role in laundering money.

You know, precisely the same sort of behavior for which banks had been flagging Joe and Hunter’s financial activities in recent years. (Note the date falls within Joe’s term as Veep:)

Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian gas firm employer were involved in setting up an account with a foreign bank that was shut down after a money laundering investigation.

Burisma, the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas firm that hired the President’s son in 2014, set up an account with him in Malta at a bank that later closed following a financial crimes probe, bombshell emails show.
Emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop show he gave income statements, passport details and even utility bills to Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to set up an account at the now-defunct SataBank in Malta in 2016.

Hunter was asked to provide ‘a certified declaration of source wealth’, notarize them with a lawyer, and send them to the owner of an auction house in Malta.

The auctioneer, Pierre Pillow, and his company PGP Trading Limited, were charged in 2020 with laundering ‘millions of euro’.

Hunter gave his personal details to Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to set up an account

Maltese prosecutors said they were tipped off by an allegedly suspicious transaction over the sale of a disassembled oil rig involving Burisma. –DailyMail

The more answers we see unearthed, the harder it is to believe the FBI isn’t actively running interference on Biden’s behalf.

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