Bodycam Footage Of Response To Allen Tx Shooter Shows What True Courage Looks Like (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 29, 2023

In a world that has declared war on masculinity, we still have heroes walking in our midst. At ClashDaily, we like to give ‘heroic masculinity‘ the credit it deserves:

This video features one such hero. It’s the cop who happened to be on the scene when some idiot decided to turn a mall in Allen Texas into a shooting gallery. His bodycam footage has now been released to the public.

Part of what makes this video so surreal is the jarring transition from a friendly chat with a mom and her kid to the cop’s realization that he just heard gunfire at the mall.

In a matter of seconds, he’s gone from telling some little kids to be good and remember to wear their seat belts to calling to notifying dispatch about shots fired and grabbing his rifle.

He starts running as fast as he can manage toward the sound of the gunfire. He’s on foot and it is not a short run.

Like Doug said, this guy got everything right that the Uvalde cops got so tragically wrong. Starting with taking immediate action against the threat:

He ran as much of the way as he could, unsure of exactly where the gunfire was coming from. He warned civilians of the danger and told them to get away.

He maintained contact on the radio, giving dispatch as much detailed information as he could about what was unfolding.

Then he engaged the target, dropping him and neutralizing the threat.

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