PRIDE WATCH: A New Rainbow Acronym Just Dropped — Take A Guess What’s NOT Included

Written by Sir John, Eh! on June 29, 2023

The old acronym was sooo 2022. It’s clearly time for a revamp.

But “Why would they do this right at the end of Pride Month?” you might ask.

Oh, my Sweet Summer Child! Don’t you know that we must now have a never-ending celebration of “Pride”?

The weeks-long Corporate Rainbow vomiting isn’t going to come to an end anytime soon.

If the corporate-types had their way, it’ll be “Forever Pride” or “Pride-finity” that incorporates not just race with the brown stripe and people who have died from AIDS with the black stripe, but also some of the more bizarre aspects of the Rainbow like “asexuals” — ie. people who choose celibacy. Does that mean that priests, monks, and nuns that keep their chastity vows are now a part of the rainbow by default? It would seem that the goal is to have each group identity included in the rainbow — genetic abnormalities like intersexuality is included with that purple circle on the yellow background, but strangely enough, medical conditions that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Rainbow are now being included… like autism.

This, I think, is the point of the modern Rainbow activism — there is no normal and everyone is under the Rainbow umbrella.

And it couldn’t be made more clear than with the most recent iteration of the garish “Pride Progress” flag.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re on that track.

Just a couple of years ago, Prime Minister Trudeau had declared that all of summer is Pride Season in Canada. Now, he’s wishing foreign nations a “Happy Pride Season.”

And you, my American cousins, well, you’ve got your own costume-wearing clown pushing the same nonsense, albeit with less panache with the application of his cosmetics than Blackface Hitler up North.

Still, you have quite a way to go before you get to the level of absurd virtue signalling in Canada.

The Woketopia of Canuckistan has introduced a brand new acronym in homage to the ever-expanding cohort that is shoving itself under the Rainbow umbrella.

Of course, this is happening — it’s Canada, after all!

Back in 2017, photos of a teachers’ union in Ontario using “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP” in a promo for their “inclusiveness” training went viral.

Unfortunately, even though the elementary school educators in Ontario took the time to acknowledge the recently rediscovered pseudo-religious indigenous concept of “two-spirit” — people who identify as both male and female and (we are told) they are revered as “spiritual” for it — they did so using the letter “T” which was already used twice for both the hot, trendy “transgender” nomenclature and the now-outdated and positively gauche term “transsexual.”

Clearly, that had to go. The third “T” was later updated to “2S” to properly acknowledge two-spirit individuals, but this, of course, brought some confusion.

The Prime Minister himself has trouble spitting out the expanding acronym. Here he is in 2021 struggling with the new “LGBTQ2+” acronym.

Obviously, this was clumsy… and bigoted.

The “2S” was moved to the front of the pack because it is a distinctly indigenous concept and therefore deserved a more prominent position within the intersectional hierarchy than the boring old lesbian and gay — especially to the self-loathing big-L Liberal wokescolds that run the Canadian government.

In order to virtue signal to the rest of the world, the Trudeau Liberals have chosen (for now, at least) “2SLGBTQIA+” as the official acronym used to describe everyone that identifies into the Rainbow crowd, but notes that the community is “continuously evolving” and therefore the term is “not exhaustive” and is just a “starting point” for understanding the identities.


Don’t worry, if you get confused, you can always go to the Government of Canada website which has a glossary of common terminology and acronyms for the ever-expanding Rainbow.

Speaking of ever-expanding, the new acronym that showed up in a recent CBC article bears almost no resemblance to the common “LGBT” that is ubiquitous — and that’s apparently intentional.

In an article lamenting the lack of “support” for gender-confused children ranging from “misgendering” to social affirmation to medical interventions including pharmaceuticals and surgeries, Canada’s state broadcaster used a brand new acronym — “2STNBGD” — to refer to the Rainbow crowd that is focused on gender and identity rather than sexuality.

According to Jennifer Charlesworth, BC’s Representative for Children and Youth, the new acronym, “2STNBGD” stands for “two-spirit, transgender, non-binary and other gender-diverse children and youth.”

Jennifer Charlesworth said that negative climates and stigma experienced by two-spirit, transgender, non-binary and other gender-diverse children and youth (2STNBGD) is resulting in a higher instance of injury reports associated with suicidality and self-harm for 2STNBGC [sic] children and youth who are receiving government services.
“Far too often, young people face a lack of gender-affirming care, support and awareness from health-care providers and society. When this happens, we are failing them, and this must change,” she said.
Elizabeth Saewyc, executive director of the University of British Columbia Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre, said a review of research found most 2STNBGD young people face frequent misgendering, long delays in care, lack of access to knowledgeable providers, greater exposure to violence in communities and worse health outcomes than their peers.
“At the same time, a number of relatively simple actions — starting with recognizing their identities and respecting their rights — can make such a difference in their well-being,” said Saewyc.
Source: CBC

See how they attempt to imply that “affirmation” and so-called “gender-affirming care” will mitigate suicide when correlation does not necessarily mean causation.

And as for the correlation… a new, exhaustive Danish study conducted over 50 years on suicidality among transgender-identifying individuals compared to the general population doesn’t make it appear as dire as the activists want us to believe that it is.

It’s important to note that the rate of transgender identity is a tiny sliver of the population, and this Danish study followed 3,700 transgender-identifying individuals over a span of 50 years and only 12 of them had committed suicide.

Look, it shouldn’t even have to be said that every single suicide is tragic for any reason, but you know how those “fact-checkers” are, right? They’re just looking for ways to call someone some sort of “phobe” or “ist” or whatever and say that anyone who pushes back on the rabid ideologues insisting that people with gender confusion are going to kill themselves if they aren’t “affirmed”. No. I won’t let those smear-merchants get away with that. I have a lot of compassion for people who suffer from gender confusion — it’s got to be incredibly difficult to be confused about such a fundamental part of who you are. My issue is not with transgender-identifying individuals, it is with the gender activists that are pushing children towards gender confusion when they shoehorn this toxic ideology into classrooms.

Suicide is a pretty dark note to end on, so let’s lighten it up a bit…

Let’s be grateful that at least someone is able to admit that the new Gender Fanatics don’t actually fit in very well with the LGB — which is a delicate alliance in itself as Douglas Murray and Julie Bindel explained in a recent interview with The Spectator lamenting the current state of Rainbow activism.

But then, that Pride Progress flag with the trans triangle has been pushing out the Rainbow ever since it was added.

The TQ+ rebranding themselves and creating a separation with what has historically been the Rainbow Crowd would probably be quite welcome with a growing number of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals whose sexual identity has a whole lot to do with the pretty obvious physical differences between men and women…

…those who don’t like how the gender ideologues think it’s absolutely necessary to inappropriately discus sex with children (commonly called “grooming”)…

…and I’m sure it’s also welcome by pretty much anyone that thinks that single-sex spaces should be protected.

If they want to rebrand as something else and attempt to fight for the right to push radical gender ideology in classrooms and trans the kids instead of wearing the Rainbow flag as a civil rights skinsuit… that’s fine with me.

As a bonus, I’m sure a lot of gay men will be glad to go back to the original, simple rainbow aesthetic instead of that hideous amalgamation that tries to have “representation” of everyone and their dog on a “Pride Progress” flag.

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Sir John, Eh!
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