Chris Christie: He’s Running — Release The MEMES!

Written by Wes Walker on June 1, 2023

Chris Christie, for some reason, is supposedly jumping into the race soon. The insults, jokes, and memes are already running hot.

The Trump team, predictably is pulling no punches.

Most of Trump’s energy is being directed at his main rival from Florida:

But he still has some in reserve for the others.

He has a special animus against those who have had their knives for him. Chris Christie, for anyone paying attention, has been on that list.

You know it put a smile on Trump’s face to retruth this one:

Before that, the shot he took against Christie was the simple sharing of news unfavorable to Chris’s position.

Trump wasn’t the only one taking shots at Chris:

‘Return’ of the Christie memes is right. Like the photo at the beach reminds us, Christie went viral when his considerable bulk was caught sunning itself on a beach while other NJ beaches had been officially closed to the public.

And before that, there were the memes from the moment where Christie first endorsed Trump. The haunted look of a defeated man in his eyes.

Ugh. Gross.

But the award for most creative lampooning of Chris Christie has to be Michael Knowles’ deep fake of him speaking as … a croissant.

Sound on for this one.

And whatever you do, put down whatever you are drinking BEFORE you press play.

Welcome to the Meme War, Chris.

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