Dear Church: Without Biblical Masculine Leaders, You’re Cursed.

Written by Doug Giles on June 9, 2023

Here’s something they never told you at youth group: When God’s people have decisively “gone wrong” (Isa.3:8) and have been “an affront to the Eternal (God), resisting His glorious presence.” And “they flaunt their sins like Sodom” … and “they don’t even try to hide them (Isa.3:9)” while “they persist in wrongdoing. (Isa.3:11 VOICE).” One of the ways God brutally disciplines His people is by removing the hero from their midst and replacing that masculine deterrent to evil with a bunch of chinless-wonder boys and lyin’ ladies. Check it out …

“See here! The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies,

will take away the supply of bread and water—

the whole supply—from Jerusalem and Judah.

He will take away their heroes and warriors,

judges and prophets … and elders,

He will take away their military officers and high-ranking officials.

Isaiah 3:1-3 (VOICE)

Did you catch God’s removal of the “heroes” and “warriors” part of that judgment? You did? Awesome. In case you were wondering, according to the scripture, that is not a good thing when that happens. That means that God has pulled His frontline of defense from His people making them oh-so-vulnerable to their mortal enemies. Yikes, eh?

With the removal of the hero and warrior, guess who God allows to lead in the hero’s and warrior’s absence? If you guessed a bunch of flaky young males and women with horrible, ungodly, ideas you guessed right. In today’s podcast I further flesh out that scary theme. Please share this sermon with your righteous and rowdy buddies.

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