Dem Who Made Gaffe About Shooting Trump Owes Political Success To Benefactor Epstein

Written by Wes Walker on June 22, 2023

If you thought a public statement about shooting Trump was the worst publicity Plaskett would face today… she just had herself a ‘hold my beer‘ moment.

What a surprise. Yet ANOTHER prominent Democrat with a connection to a billionaire with a horrible history.

Jeffrey Epstein now comes pretty close to the top of the scale in terms of Billionaires whose name nobody wants theirs connected with. But back in 2014, the fact that he was already a convicted pedophile didn’t seem to bother some people.

Among them is Democrat Stacey Plaskett.

The Virgin Islands delegate Plaskett has found herself at the center of national news stories on a couple of occasions this year, for all the wrong reasons.

First there was the Twitter Files hearings, in which she was hostile to the award-winning journalists appearing as witnesses, and demanded information about their sources. That was bad.

Earlier this week, she made a statement on TV that Trump should be shot, quickly realizing what she had said and correcting it to ‘stopped’, raising questions about why that was the first word to come to mind… and if she has made any similar such statements in less public settings.

Today’s story is much worse.

That court case involving JP Morgan’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein has released some emails that are particularly damning to this ‘rising star’ in the Democrat Party.

Democratic congresswoman Stacey Plaskett of the Virgin Islands won her election in 2014 in one of the “biggest upsets” in the political history of her district. But Plaskett, now hailed as a rising star in the Democratic Party, may owe her surprise win in no small part to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, newly released emails show.

Plaskett met Epstein numerous times after her entry into politics in 2014, visting Epstein’s office in the Virgin Islands and his New York City townhouse, she said in a deposition last month. The meetings occurred years after Epstein’s conviction on child sex crimes was publicly known, but Plaskett nonetheless met the registered sex offender to solicit campaign donations for herself and Democratic committees. Though she has denied knowing Epstein contributed to her campaign, emails revealed in court documents show her directing a fundraising consultant to ensure Epstein is invited to her fundraiser. “I would be grateful for his support,” Plaskett wrote in the July 2018 email.

Details of the relationship are revealed in court documents released as part of a lawsuit the government of the Virgin Islands filed against JPMorgan, where Epstein banked for years. Emails released in the case show that Epstein jumped at a request in 2014 to help Plaskett in her underdog campaign.
She asked Epstein to donate to help Plaskett reach a goal of $75,000 to win the election. Epstein told de Jongh that several of his employees would contribute to Plaskett. And they did to the tune of $10,400, according to campaign finance records. Plaskett went on to prevail over Malone in what newspapers called “one of the biggest upsets” the territory had seen.

Plaskett defeated Malone by just 737 votes in a low-turnout primary, indicating the boost from Epstein could have made a significant difference in the race. — Free Beacon

In a deposition, she asserts that she ‘regrets’ accepting his money, and was ‘unaware’ that he had received any. Since then, this email has come to light:

“If you would share this invitation with Jeffrey I’d be much appreciative. I would be grateful for his support and the support of those that he may direct to assist me,” Plaskett wrote in a July 12, 2018, email to Epstein associate Lesley Groff.

She didn’t just want him for his money. She wanted him for his political influence. She wanted him to motivate other people with money to support her.

Jeffrey Epstein. Ed Buck. Harvey Weinstein.

We keep hearing about the evils of ‘dark money’ and the political influence of ‘Republican billionaires’.

But so much of the evidence keeps pointing in the other direction.

Don’t look to Plaskett as example of a strong woman you can hold up as a role model. Aim higher:

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