UKRAINE: This ‘Found Money’ Is An Accounting Trick That Erodes US National Security

Written by Wes Walker on June 21, 2023

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Ukraine’s back in the news. This time it isn’t about the Biden Bribe money. (Unless, of course, you count the billions we are shoveling out the door to Ukraine to be part of that equation.)

For anyone who has been so hosed down by the MSM’s reporting of stories about the ‘walls closing in’ (again) on Trump after the conveniently-timed indictment that you’ve missed the recent updates on the Joe & Hunter Biden Ukraine Bribery Drama, here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks’ updates, in chronological order as we reported them:

From the stories above, we can conclude:

1) Ukraine is ground zero for at least one instance of Joe being personally accused of taking millions in exchange for US policy ‘deliverables’.
2) Supporting evidence for those allegations may exist in Ukraine
3) The FBI has been working VERY hard to prevent the GOP from discovering these allegations of recorded conversations
4) Andy Weissmann was involved in the illegitimate Trump Russia investigations AND seems to be personally implicated in making this serious allegation about a sitting Veep ‘go away’.
5) Biden was confident (per the Bongino connects dots story) that the FBI would take no action on these recordings.

Now Biden has a secret. That’s a problem.

Team Biden’s attempt to cover this allegation up potentially puts Biden himself in the position of having something to hide.

That opens up the question of blackmail against an American President.

The secret being kept by Biden’s FBI is PRECISELY the same ‘Sonofabitch he got fired’ corruption evidence Trump was specifically asking President Zelenskyy to look into with the infamous Impeachment 1.0 perfect phone call.
Ironically, Democrats called it a ‘quid pro quo’.

What if the REAL quid pro quo is going the other direction?

Ukraine is facing an existential threat as they are invaded by a nuclear former Superpower. Their president will be motivated to use any tools at his disposal to help his nation survive.

Solution: Use carrot/stick method with Biden. Offer to bury evidence of the recordings alleged to exist with the implication that it might go public if Joe Biden doesn’t uphold his end of the deal.

Should evidence that this is happening turn up, we will suddenly have a genuine conflict-of-interest between Joe Biden’s personal career and the national interests.

How could Ukraine Aid harm the National Interest?

It could be argued that Ukraine Aide (in and of itself) neither helps nor harms the national interest. It helps Ukraine stay in its fight which may or may not serve our greater interests depending on your views of the situation.

We could measure it by that standard if we were doing the national equivalent of ordering weapons systems by Amazon and having them delivered to Ukraine. BUT…

But that’s not how we are arming Ukraine.

We are gutting our own inventory, shipping it overseas, and replacing it as needed.

This brings us to our own national security implications connected to the latest story of Biden sending money to Ukraine because of an ‘accounting error’.

As I explained a month ago…

UKRAINE: The Taxpayer Just Got HOSED By Sullivan’s $3B Line — Here’s WhyJake can fall back on two possible explanations — neither is satisfactory

…this is more than just an accounting sleight of hand issue.

It goes straight to the heart of national security.

Team Biden’s claim is that the Pentagon has been using the ‘wrong numbers’ in estimating the dollar value of equipment we’ve sent over there.

The Department of Defense (DOD) overestimated the value of weapons sent to Ukraine by $6.2 billion over the past two years, a spokesperson said Tuesday, adding that the extra cash would be allocated to further aid.

An accounting error led to the Pentagon valuing weapons based on replacement costs instead of the book price for systems during fiscal years 2022 and 2023, leading to an over-accounting of $6.2 billion — twice as high as previous estimates, Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh told reporters at a briefing Tuesday. The surplus money will be devoted toward additional aid packages before the current fiscal year ends, she added.

“It’s just going to go back into the pot of money that we have allocated for the future Pentagon stock drawdowns,” Singh said.

The Pentagon previously disclosed that the accounting error produced a nearly $3 billion discrepancy, The Associated Press reported. Further review of the error exposed a $3.6 billion overvaluation of weapons in 2023 and $2.6 billion in the 2022 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30 — DailyCaller

The equipment being sent over was evaluated by the ‘new’ price rather than the ‘used’ price. Therefore, the White House has magically discovered several billion dollars of wiggle room to send more equipment over.

What are the consequences of this bookkeeping magic?

In helping muscle up Ukraine, we are undermining our own military readiness in the event that a flashpoint somewhere in the world — including Taiwan — were to drag us into a hot war.

The problem is as simple as the ‘buy low sell high’ principle.

Biden’s bookkeeping magic is letting him send weapons to Ukraine for pennies on the dollar. Because they are used.

Because we are robbing them from our inventory instead of buying them off the shelf of some arms manufacturer, we need to REPLACE every item we send over to maintain the same level of readiness that we had a year ago

Between the discounted value these are being marked down for and the present-day (post-inflation) cost of replacing it, the US Military is having its combat readiness diminished with every piece of equipment shipped to Europe.

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