HILARIOUS: Curse Of Trump Continues To Haunt CNN … Here Comes Yet ANOTHER Shakeup

Written by Wes Walker on June 7, 2023

There’s another head on the CNN chopping block. This time it has nothing to do with the on-air *ahem* ‘talent’.

There is a lot of schadenfreude in this story. Some football-spiking. And outright mockery. So, for the hall monitors at NewsGuard and the other fact-checking websites with the room-temperature IQs, let’s make this very very clear.

I will even use small words to help them: This is news AND commentary. Got it? Good. The adults in the room will now enjoy a good laugh at CNN’s expense.

Since Tucker always drove them crazy — and now he’s gone freelance and piss them off all the more by saying whatever he wants — let’s begin the taunting with a reference to our ClashDaily store‘s exclusive Tucker Merch:

Even before the new guy took the helm, it was obvious that CNN was in trouble. Their ratings were a running joke. Chris Licht was brought with some faint hope he could rescue a brand whose reputation as credible news was now torched to the point of being past saving.

Once upon a time, CNN was a respected news network.

They squandered every last shred of that reputation by trading it in the Zucker years for being nakedly partisan Trump-haters. (Remember how they all fawned over Stormy Daniels and her Creepy Porn Lawyer? Where is he now? #Basta.)

That move, just as Trump predicted, came at a price. Once the President was out of office, CNN lost the central raison d’être that kept their viewers motivated. Their ratings dropped like a stone.

Chris was brought in to turn the ship around — but the staff was still wed to the model he was hired to fix. Licht tried to stop being a network of wannabe on-air social ‘influencers’ and start being an actual NEWS network again. He got pushback. And lots of it.

He fired some people. They didn’t like that. Worse, it didn’t stop the bleeding.

But then came the town hall where CNN let Trump actually (gasp!) speak in front of a friendly audience. CNN had their biggest ratings day since, what, Jan 6th? But that Corporate Win came at a deeply personal price. It was a price many of the staff were unable to bear: Trump scored a big PR ‘win’ that day.

Letting Trump score a win on CNN’s own turf was simply unforgivable to the alleged ‘talent’ at CNN.

It wasn’t long before CNN apologists were rewriting history and making Licht the scapegoat for the sorry state the network finds itself in. The hard reality is, the network sucked LONG before Chris got there. The internet is forever. People have ‘receipts’. For example.

Let’s not forget. CNN had other major problems that led to Zucker leaving. It wasn’t just about the dismal ratings.

CNN’s Jeff Zucker Suddenly Resigns Citing ‘Undisclosed’ Relationship With Work Colleague
Whatever the ultimate reason, CNN was a patient Licht was unable to save.

His pink slip is now official.

“I met with Chris and he will be leaving CNN,” Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav told CNN employees on the company’s editorial call on Wednesday.
Zaslav told staff that Licht would be replaced by interim leaders Amy Entelis, Virginia Mosely, and Eric Sherling, effective immediately. “I have great confidence in this group,” Zaslav said.
–National Pulse

Is now a bad time to mention he has already lasted longer than Zucker’s big brainchild? Or did you already forget about CNN+? (You can be forgiven if you did. The whole project lasted less than a month… to the absolute dismay of Chris Wallace.)

Speaking of The Potato — there are rumors about him too.

Zaslav recently commented on ousted anchor Brian Stelter’s Instagram page: “Looking great buddy….miss u.” This apparently has sparked rumors of Stelter’s return to the newsroom, inside the organization. — NationalPulse

Looking good? Seriously?

He can’t possibly mean Brian ‘he-looks-so-much-older-than-37’ Stelter, can he? It would be hard to imagine anyone LESS deserving of a return to CNN than Stelter Except possibly Lemon who’s seemingly burned just about every bridge he’s ever crossed.

On the other hand, he was sometimes entertaining as a football to kick around. He reliably gave us amusing content like this: WATCH: Brian Stelter OWNED By College Freshmen Listing Examples Of CNN Peddling Disinfo

Oh, that poor, poor soul.
He doesn’t even realize he’s become a parody of himself.

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