Woke Teacher Tells Muslim Students They ‘Don’t Belong Here’ If They Skip School Over Pride Events

Written by Sir John, Eh! on June 7, 2023

What the teacher didn’t realize is that she accidentally spoke the quiet part out loud …

June in Canada is only the beginning of the Holy Season of Pride-tide (as my colleague K. Walker has labeled it in her recent articles.)

As your Canadian correspondent, I should explain that the woke nation of Canuckistan doesn’t simply relegate the celebration of gay sex, transgenderism, and radical gender ideology to just one month — oh, no. Heaven forbid! The 2SLGBTQIA+ [Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, etc.] community must be venerated throughout the entire summer.

Government buildings fly the imperialist rainbow flag of the state-sanctioned religion.

Both public and private organizations trip over themselves to show their pride in … Pride.

Toronto Dominion Bank has gone so far as to paint several of its buildings throughout Canada in rainbow stripes that remind me of that awful-tasting Fruit Stripe gum advertised in all the comics when I was a kid.

Go ahead and try to tell me I’m wrong …

Pride-tide is a time of (nearly mandatory) celebration of all things Rainbow that features parades, special events, and week-long festivals in various cities so 2SLGBTQIA+ pilgrims can travel from town to town spreading joy and possibly monkey pox throughout the land.

Sure, it might seem a bit over-the-top to dedicate a third of the year to celebrate gay sex and cross-dressing, but you American cousins aren’t all that far behind, are you?

There’s also one crucial element of Canadian “Pride” festivities — the mandatory events at public schools to indoctrinate kids into the Rainbow cult celebrate the ever-expanding 2SLGBTQIA+, or, as is so often the case in a white-majority Western nation, the cadre of self-loathing white progressives desperate for an identity that can’t be designated as “oppressor.”

As you may have seen, publicly-funded Canadian schools take this mandate very seriously.

GROOMERS: Viral Video Of Kids Entering School During ‘Pride’ Month Is An Advertisement For Homeschooling

It seems that all of a sudden, polite Canadian parents are getting tired of the Rainbow Everything All The Time in schools and are opting out.

It made headlines in Ottawa as one of Canada’s most woke school boards noticed a drop in attendance on June 1.

This was very disappointing to the transgender-identifying Chair of the Ottawa public school board, but the article later admits that maybe there was another reason for the absences.

As rainbow-coloured flags swayed in the record-breaking heat, some students were reportedly absent from their seats on the first day of Pride month.
“We’ve received form letters from a number of members in the community who expressed a dislike for the celebration about the LGBTQ community by the school board, but the school board has celebrated LGBTQ positivity since at least 2001 when we passed our equity and education policy,” Lyra Evans, chair of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), told CityNews…
…Evans acknowledged that the absences could also have been due to extreme heat, which reached 34 [Celsius] degrees [94 Fahrenheit] on Thursday.
Source: City News Ottawa (Emphasis mine)

(It should be noted here that the public school board in Ottawa is so progressive that there are still a number of schools in the district that are not equipped with air conditioning because of concerns that it “contributes to the climate crisis.”)

Weather wasn’t the reason for the absences on the other side of the country, however.

In Edmonton, Alberta, the weather was a drizzly 61F on June 1, but a number of students were absent anyway.

One teacher was very upset that some Muslim students in her class at Londonderry Junior High School did not attend school because it was the first day of Pride Season.

So, she took it upon herself to berate them.

Here is the audio.

Here’s a transcript:

TEACHER: Well, you are out to lunch if you think it’s acceptable to not show up because you think if there’s some Pride activities going on at school, right? Oh, that’s fine ’cause ‘I’m going to show my opinion by hanging out at the mall.’ But meanwhile, all those kids who are, you know, involved in say, Gay-Straight Alliance or whatever — I don’t even know if we have that anymore in our school — they’re here when we did Ramadan for line time and they’re showing respect in the class for your religion, right? For your beliefs. It goes two ways. If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for your religion, your colour of skin, your whatever, then you’d better give back to people who are different from you. That’s how it works — it’s an exchange. And it isn’t like that in all countries. As I told you, in Uganda, literally, if they think you’re gay, they will execute you. If you believe that kind of thing, then you don’t belong here because that is not what Canada believes. We believe in freedom. We believe that people can marry whomever they want. That is in the law. And if you don’t think that that should be the law, you can’t be Canadian. You don’t belong here — and I mean it. I really mean it. And it’s not a joke, Mansour! Back and forth — you want it, you gotta give it. It just makes me angry.

Where to begin?

Do you start with how outrageous it is for a teacher to tell Muslim students — some very likely new Canadians — what their values should be or that they should essentially “go back to where they came from” because they don’t belong in Canada if they don’t want to take part in the Forever Rainbow festivities?

Maybe you start with her assertion that anyone who disagrees with the Canadian government’s redefinition of marriage in 2005 that was sprung on Canadians and quickly made law despite never being mentioned as a major policy item in the Liberal Party platform during the 2004 election campaign.

Do you mention that she completely misrepresents the new law in Uganda to her students as an educator?

ClashDaily’s editor Wes Walker covered the Uganda law thoroughly here using the source documents:

Biden Turns Screws On Uganda Over Same-Sex Laws … While Giving Iran A Pass

Or do you begin with the fact that this teacher actually admits that the Muslim students need to show respect for the Rainbow because it, too, is a religion just like Islam?

That’s the uncomfortable truth that the secularists don’t want anyone to mention. This is no longer about tolerance or polite acceptance. It’s a cult and they are proselytizing zealots who demand conversion at the tip of the Rainbow flag.

“Celebrate the rainbow, bigot!” is the unspoken mantra as 2SLGBTQIA+ crusaders denigrate any faith that would dare to blaspheme against the holy tenets of Pride.

After the audio was shared online, the Principal sent out a letter to parents stating that the teacher’s actions “do not reflect the values of acceptance, inclusion and belonging” at Londonderry School and that the situation with the teacher was being “addressed.”

The letter also noted that the Pride festivities would nonetheless continue.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if one protected group was pitted against another, now you know. For the Left, the Rainbow trumps religion every single time — even the fashionable one with the headscarves that they adore so much.

If you think about it, that makes perfect sense: the Pride devotees can’t have anyone — not even the religion that they pat on the head and trot out to show their commitment to “inclusivity” and “diversity” — veer from the ever-changing Rainbow orthodoxy.

Muslims, just like Christians and Orthodox Jews, must be told by the secularist inquisitors that the only god that the post-Christian West will permit to be worshiped is the one that has usurped the rainbow as its symbol and has named its celebration after one of the Seven Deadly Sins — Pride.

So much for Pride Season being about “kindness” and “inclusivity”, eh?

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