JD Vance Flexes Senate Authority In Response To Garland’s Weaponized DOJ

Written by Wes Walker on June 14, 2023

Any time the other side has control of the Senate, there is a limit on how many levers of power you can actually pull. But the Minority still has some tricks up their sleeve.

We all watched Schumer and Pelosi find ways to rope-a-dope the GOP despite a majority… even blocking a budget that would have fully funded the wall until AFTER the House gavel changed hands in 2019. Making sure the slow-walked Paul Ryan budget died on the vine.

This time around, we can’t even get a Republican Senate willing to have fought for a ‘bridge’ budget that only takes us to mid-March so that House GOP could have funded Republican priorities.

We’ve got a long history of underperforming, even when we HAVE power.

But JD Vance is not interested in living as a mere spectator in the Senate. He wants to get stuff done.

If the DOJ is going to be little more than a cudgel in the hands of the DNC, JD Vance is going to make it much more difficult for them to play that game.

He is promising to grind the appointments process to a standstill.

If Garland’s DoJ is nothing more than an extension of his party’s war against Republicans. It goes WAY past just their war on Trump.

So why give them more weapons in their arsenal?

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