The White House Displays It’s Sin Like Sodom

Written by Doug Giles on June 14, 2023

Under Obama, the White House was lit up with rainbow colors. Under Biden, the movement itself has taken over the White House lawn.

Complete with a topless chick shaking her nekkid tatas… in the name of ‘Pride’. But it’s ‘ok’, because she calls herself a dude and she covered her nipples with her hands.

Ok. The part about the chick with her knockers out was ‘too far’ even for Joe Biden.

Three guests at a White House LGBTQ+ Pride party on Saturday have been banned from future events after posing topless on the South Lawn.
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre described the behaviour as “unacceptable” and “unfair” to others.

But the rest of it? The ‘devout Catholic’ behind he (ir)Resolute Desk thought it was Jim Dandy.

He even doubled down on the creepiness by declaring all kids ‘our’ kids… not exactly something you want to hear the government in a nation that is sleepwalking toward totalitarianism to so brazenly declare. Kind of a strange stance to take. After all, just last week, the UK reversed its position on being very supportive of puberty blockers etcetera for children, but has formally banned their use for minors.

Biden is the same guy who ran on a plan of ‘restoring decency’ to the White House.

Looking at his track record (and Hunter) that’s pretty hard to believe. Maybe he meant bringing in a Drag Queen with ‘Dee Cency?’ as his stage name? Who knows?

All I know is that Bob Dylan got it right when he said ‘you gotta serve somebody’.

There’s a fork in the road with a Holy God who stands far above every human king, or prince, or President — and the debauched culture of today.

Other nations have taken the wrong fork in the road and have paid a heavy price for it. Joe Biden is leaning hard into that ‘other’ path.

Given the chance he’ll bring not just America, but much of the world down that path with him.

This isn’t the first time our nation has been off the rails. How has God got us back on the rails in other times of moral crisis? It all begins with some bold voices ready to speak the truth… come what may.

Today will require someone (better yet, a LOT of ‘someones’) willing to tell today’s leaders we have more need of lessons in ‘humility’ before a Holy God than in modern notions of ‘pride’.

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