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MOCKING GOD: Pride Marchers Go ‘All-In’ On Cheering Satan, Jeering Jesus

If this doesn’t give churches sporting that rainbow flag a moment of pause, probably nothing out there will.

We have seen the emergence of a common theme for Pride events. The louder and more outrageous the events get, the more emboldened activists are to depict pride events as a front line of conflict between rival religious beliefs.

Secularists might scoff at that idea. But if that’s not the case, why are the most strident activists not satisfied merely to live out what they would claim is their ‘authentic selves’. Why must they go out of their way to pick a fight with a God they claim not to believe in.

There are a lot of religions that would elevate family and child-rearing above more short-sighted aims like seeking sexual gratification. Christianity is just one of them. Islam is another.

Isn’t it strange how the same activist class that would denounce the slightest criticisms of specific practices of Islam as ‘phobic’ hardly misses an opportunity to mock and denigrate traditional Christian faith.

When the LA Dodgers found themselves at the center of a protest, it was because they singled out a ‘religious order’ of drag performers whose tag line was ‘Go and Sin some more’. They feature a ‘hunky Jesus’ contest and stripper-pole routines with a man on a cross used by the ‘dancer’ as a prop.

When Target found themselves at the center of a protest, it wasn’t just because of their elevation of rainbow-themed Pride gear, either:

Target Partners With Designer That Makes Satanic Art For ‘PRIDE’ Collection — No, This Is Not Satire

Email Reveals Bomb Threats At Target Stores Came From Enraged LGBTQ+ Activists

There is no sign of this antagonism slowing down. If anything, it’s doubling down:

They have taken the ‘not today Satan’ theme, and turned it on its head:

This is going precisely the direction that voices about the ‘slippery slope’ consequences of the same-sex marriage debate predicted it would. The ‘rights’ associated with sex are being used as a bludgeon against the ‘rights’ of free expression of faith.

Flush with their recent political success, these secular inquisitors can be seen harrassing ‘heretics’ wherever they may be found. Violence is not beneath them.

We now have elected Republicans in three different states which have received packages containing white powder, uttering threats. We see J6-style ‘insurrections’ in State houses over this issue (the media lionizes them as ‘heroes’). And Riley Gaines was held hostage for hours by an angry mob which was seen on camera suggesting they should require payment for her safe release.

The relentless political undertow has even managed to drag many churches along with it:

“Church” Hosts Drag Queen Bingo – No, This Isn’t Satire

Woke ‘Church’ Posts Pics Of Jesus With Makeup And Boobs… Satan Must Be Proud

But not everyone is waving the white flag of surrender. For example, even the Church of England, written off by so many, has openly rebuked the Archbishop and is choosing a leader for themselves willing to defend the gospel.

ICYMI: Global Anglican Conference REBUKES Canterbury’s Woke Agenda BIGLY!

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Wes Walker

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