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HUNTER BIDEN: Crazy Night At The Club With Strippers, Guns, And Ja Morant (POST-Indictment!)

Hunter’s laptop STILL matters

How does Hunter celebrate daddy’s DOJ getting him a slap on the wrist? Apparently, it involves strippers, booze, and irresponsible gunplay.

Hunter’s dad wants to get guns off the street. Meanwhile, Hunter is supposedly handing guns out in lieu of tips after making a stripper dance with a loaded pistol, and both of them brandishing their guns this way and that.

A gun that was left behind in a couch cushion when they left was handed over to authorities.

The dancers at Pandora’s Gentleman’s Club and Fine Dining say they’ve seen everything, but nothing can compare to when the entourages of President Biden’s controversial son, Hunter Biden, and Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant rolled in Friday night.
“It’s a miracle someone wasn’t shot,” marveled a private security guard, who said he hadn’t seen so many firearms since he deployed in the first Gulf War.
“It was scary,” said Jasmine, who asked to be identified only by her stage name. “They pointed guns at dancers and each other, and kept taking selfies together.”
Staff at Pandora’s, which has developed a reputation as one of the hottest clubs on the East Coast, say Biden and Morant arrived together shortly before 10 p.m. and then closed the place down at 2:30 a.m. By the end of the night, dancers say they were “stunned” and “shaken” at the repeated brandishing of weapons. According to multiple sources, Biden gave one dancer a Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade EDC X9 to take home in lieu of a tip.
[…] “At one point, Hunter was standing up half naked with two guns pointed at the ceiling like Yosemite Sam,” said the security guard, “and Ja pretended to fire one of his guns at him and blow the smoke from the barrel afterward. It wasn’t exactly a seminar in gun safety.”
“No one knew whether to call the cops, or the ATF,” he said.
A performer named Capri said the two insisted that she dance for them while holding a fully loaded Smith & Wesson Model 29, .44 Magnum. “And I don’t even like guns,” she added, ruefully.
A Springfield XD-S Mod.2 that was left stuffed in a couch cushion of the VIP room and found by cleaning staff overnight has been turned over to authorities. — National Review

The Grizzlies star wasn’t the only one with Hunter in the VIP room.

The same report said Ja would throw money on the ground of the VIP room — which would be followed by a ‘client’ of Hunter’s (who spoke no English) throwing cash on the ground at Hunter’s feet. The client is described as likely being from a ‘central Asian’ country.

Democrats hate law-abiding gun owners, and love to mock them by calling them (among other things) ‘ammosexuals’.

The crazy thing about that talking point is, law-abiding gun owners know that a gun is a tool, not a toy. So-called ‘gun nuts’ understand a firearm is to be drawn and pointed only when the user is pointing it downrange, or when staring down a legitimate threat.

We do not brandish them to point them at menus. We do not

They are not to be used as a sexual prop to help a Presidential fail-son to get his rocks off while partying with celebrities and rich foreign benefactors.

They are not to be used to pretend you are ‘Yosemite Sam’.

And we would LOVE to hear gun-grabber Joe Biden explain how it’s perfectly fine for his son (who just finished crying ‘poor’ because he was unable to provide for his illegitimate daughter) to give a handgun valued north of $3k each in lieu of a tip to some random stripper.

Instead of meddling in the lives of law abiding gun owners, he can turn his attention to closing the ‘Hunter Biden’ gun loophole where gun get given away as tips, or left behind in couch cushions after a night of God-knows-what kinds of debauchery.

Let’s hope the judge overseeing the slap-on-the-wrist ‘plea deal’ has been paying attention both to the strange circumstances of this deal AND to the wildly irresponsible behavior Hunter has been showing even before the ink on that plea deal was dry.

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