New J6 Footage Blowing Pelosi’s Narratives Halfway To Hell

Written by Wes Walker on June 6, 2023

The pushback against the Democrat narrative began with Tucker Carlson’s big release of J6 footage, with promises of more to come.

Well, the promised footage never came. There is some speculation that someone up the chain in Fox put a stop to it… for whatever reason.

In fact, it is believed by many that Tucker pissing off the wrong people by showing those videos is actually one of the big factors behind Tucker being kicked to the curb.

Maybe that’s why our Tucker Carlson merch has been as popular among our readers:

Until Tucker finds a way to climb out from under whatever constraints he has under the terms of the contract, he has been sidelined from pursuing this (or any other) big story.

That doesn’t have to mean the story itself has been silenced. All it takes is someone willing to run with it.

John Solomon’s ‘Just The News’ and One America News Network have been given extensive access to the footage.

Just the News, for its part, has already released three different videos from that day that the J6 Committee conveniently left out of their evidence.

Lawyers for the thousand or so defendants may want to take note of the most recent example, since it shows protesters filing in through doors that had been opened for them from the inside.

But let’s recap the videos in the order he presented them.

Here is Nancy Pelosi being filmed in secure areas by her daughter — which is directly impeding the efforts of Capitol Police to conduct their evacuation.

We leave our readers to decide for themselves just how much ‘danger’ Pelosi considered either herself or the Capitol to be in while this is happening.

Their second piece of video was one shining a light on the activist nature of the J6 Committee.

The footage they showed in their made-for-television Committee Hearings drama was NOT the same footage that was actually recorded.

Now we know why they hired a television exec to help them present their ‘evidence’. Audio was added to silent CCTV footage to give it far more emotional appeal.

This is something one would do if you where prosecuting a trial-by-media to persuade the public to reach a pre-determined conclusion, not how an honest assessment of evidence would be gathered.

And here, it shows what Just The News reports as 300 people walking right into the building through an open door. There is no evidence in this footage of them doing anything that any tourist might do and at some points there is evidence that law enforcement is taking no action to tell them either to turn back or that they might be in violation of any laws.

You will note, in particular, the point just after the one-minute mark were the crowd stops and listens to what the police officers have to say. Interestingly, no effort seems to be made either to close the doors or to turn that crowd back.

At a moment in which the crowd seems reasonably docile and cooperative, the three officers fall back and open the doors to the protesters. What specifically was said is not recorded in the silent CCTV footage.

On the other hand, those particular police body cameras, if present, would certainly have captured that conversation.

Note also the body language of the officers. Hands are down by their sides. One signaled to the other two to fall back. They remained facing the crowd, but (to these eyes, anyway) they did not appear to make any gestures with their hands indicating the crowd was legally prohibited from following police further into the building.

Did the defendants in that crowd have access to that body camera footage?

If not, why not?

Is this the sort of thing that could trigger a mistrial?
Or is our system now so far gone that partisan politics and presumption of guilt have overtaken the presumption of innocence, the rule of law, and the right to a fair trial that our Founders and Framers once believed in so profoundly that no less a figure than John Adams himself served as the defense lawyer for the Redcoats accused in the Boston Massacre?

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