SO GROSS: The Bill Katie Hobbs Just Vetoed Will Make Groomers Jump For Joy

Written by Wes Walker on June 6, 2023

If there’s a single common thread in the pushback we have been seeing among parents across the political spectrum it would be the needless sexualization of children.

Whether the topic is books with graphic sexual imagery and content being made available to younger readers, girls being assaulted in change rooms by boys wearing skirts, or grown men wearing clownish parodies of women grinding and performing other strip-club-style acts often to the accompaniment of sexually-charged lyrics.

Blue states like Virginia have already flipped red over this exact issue. So you think the leader in a purple state might be cautious about poking that bear.

Nope. She’s charging straight in full speed ahead in the *other* side of the same fight that made DeSantis so popular in his fight with Disney.

What exactly is she charging ahead with?

A story featuring sex in schools.

Not conversations. Not simulations. Not graphic images. Actual sex in actual schools… and other government buildings, too.

Like most weird niche laws this one was written to address concerns raised AFTER a local news story. This one involved a teacher filming herself for a sexually explicit membership driven online social media account.

The 8th-grade girl whose desk that teacher used in the filming that pornography was mortified when the news story broke and footage became public. She recognized the defiled desk in question as her own.

‘That was my desk’.

In a post #MeToo world you might think that the feelings of such a mortified child would be considered — not to mention any concerns about hygiene or biohazards.

The GOP thought this occasion would make it reasonable to push a law prohibiting the filming of pornography in any school used by students from k-12. (In simpler words, ‘children’.) The law was extended to other government buildings.

A bill was written. It was debated. It passed through both the House and Senate. It made its way to Katie Hobbs’ desk.

That bill was promptly vetoed.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed a new bill that would have made it illegal to facilitate or record sexually-explicit conduct in public places, like classrooms and government buildings.

This veto decision comes months after an Arizona teacher was fired after being caught recording pornography of herself and another individual in her classroom and posting it to the website OnlyFans.

“No 12-year-old child should ever have to worry that their middle school desk was the location of a porn shoot, yet because of Hobbs’ actions, this is precisely the case,” said Arizona State Senator Jake Hoffman. — OAN

Here’s the entirety of the Senator’s release.

Hobbs used the occasion to take a swipe at conservatives suggesting that prohibition of the filming of sex acts in schools and other government buildings is tantamount to the outlawing of books.

Funny how the party that has fought to keep Huck Finn, Dr. Seuss, To Kill A Mockingbird and — especially — the Bible out of schools is trying to call concerned parents ‘book banners’ because they don’t think that pre-pubescent children should not be exposed to graphic depictions or descriptions of sexual trysts or, for example, imagines including the use of devices used for anal sexual stimulation, or images showing the act of fellatio.

With ‘leadership’ like this, it any wonder we are seeing skyrocketing incidences of teachers caught in sexually compromising situations with children, or who are caught online bragging about how they will intentionally indoctrinate young children against the wishes of parents because they believe they have the moral authority to do so?

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