NSC Spox John Kirby Flip-Flops On Chinese Spy Base In Cuba (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 13, 2023

If Joe Biden campaigned in a tour bus that literally said ‘No Malarkey’ then why are his cabinet members so deceptive … so much of the freaking time?

Are we unfair in suspecting that every word that comes out of the mouths of anyone in the Biden Adminstration might be a lie?

Some might think so. But here’s why we think that is a solid starting assumption with any such presser.

Even without counting Blinken’s involvement in covering up Hunter’s laptop we’ve got plenty of reason to doubt the ‘Malarkey’ Team Biden is shovelling.

Let’s recap:

1) We were told the drone response to the suicide bomber in Afghanistan was a ‘righteous strike’. That was a lie.

2) We were told categorically that a drone strike in Syria had taken out an ISIS leader and no other casualties. Now we can’t confirm reports that it was *actually* a civilian. Some have claimed it was a farmer with about 10 children.

The strike, carried out on May 3 in northwest Syria, targeted a senior al-Qaeda leader, Central Command said in a tweet announcing the operation that day. The combatant command, which oversees operations in the Middle East and the surrounding region, said it would provide more information “as operational details become available.”

Officials boasted about the success of the operation, confident that the strike had achieved its mission, even though it was difficult to positively identify the target of the strike, since the US has no military footprint in northwest Syria, an area still recovering from the effects of a devastating earthquake.

There were no reports of any other casualties of the drone strike.

In the two weeks that have passed since the operation, Central Command has not released any more information about the intended target. CENTCOM “has been made aware of allegations that the strike may have resulted in a civilian casualty” and is investigating to see where the strike “may have unintentionally resulted in harm to civilians,” Central Command spokesperson Michael Lawhorn said in a statement. -CNN

3) And then there was that whole debacle about the Chinese Spy balloon. First, it wasn’t all that serious. Then we were told that we were using countermeasures to block what they were looking at, and really we benefit more from their attempts to surveil us than we do from anything they might find. They also tried to tell us that the Trump admin had completely ignored similar incursions.

All of those platitudes have proven to be false.

So, excuse us if we have some trouble taking any of these people seriously. Especially now that they’ve been forced to walk back yet ANOTHER lie.

This week’s big lie

This one relates to the WSJ breaking a story about China building a spy base in Cuba, summarized, without a paywall, here.

The Cuban and US governments have both denied a Wall Street Journal report saying Havana and Beijing agreed to establish a Chinese electronic eavesdropping facility in Cuba, some 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Florida.

If true, a spy base with such proximity to several US military bases in the southeastern region of the country would allow Beijing to collect electronic communications and monitor ship traffic, the newspaper said.

The agreement was reached in principle, The Wall Street Journal said, in exchange for “several billion dollars” for the cash-strapped Latin American country.

Cuban Vice Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez De Cossio said the report was a US fabrication, describing it as “totally mendacious and unfounded.” –DW

Naturally, that prompted reporters to ask questions. You can watch his answers ‘evolve’ as the public learns more.

Here’s what Kirby said on Monday to ABC News White House Correspondent Mary Bruce:

Here’s what he said last week when the news was breaking.

Also on Monday, Kirby scolds the media for… *checks notes* …accurately reporting what he said.

Go ahead, Kirby. Tell us MORE about what, precisely, you find ‘shameful’. Because that’s precisely how many of us feel about your lies.

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