TRANTIFA: The Masked Face Of Violent Gender Extremism

Written by K. Walker on June 12, 2023

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The Biden administration has been warning about the domestic terrorism threat that white nationalism poses, but they haven’t said anything about violent, radical gender ideologues. Why is that?

It’s because they agree with the agenda, that’s why.

From the volunteer armed security outside of so-called “family-friendly” Drag shows to disturbing pastel-hued Satanic art to violent protesters, we have seen that the Trans Radical Activist that have hijacked the rest of the Rainbow are getting increasingly aggressive.

Just like Antifa in 2015, it really looks like they’re itching for a fight.

Here are just a few recent examples.

Chris Elston, known online as “Billboard Chris” was attacked by a TRA in Vancouver, Canada this past spring.

Billboard Chris’s protesters were flying a new flag. (The single-fingered salute from the counter-protesters of his events are ever-present.)

Here is the video of the attack:

In March, Kellie Jay Keen-Minshull, a feminist activist that organizes “Let Women Speak” events across the UK which are now spreading across the globe, had tomato juice poured on her by a TRA at a rally in New Zealand.

The juice-pourer is the victim, of course, because Kellie Jay saying that women have a right to sex-segregated spaces for their own safety is somehow a call for the genocide of transgender-identifying people.

Former college swimmer, Riley Gaines was harassed and assaulted by a radical transgender activist for daring to speak about what it was like to compete against transgender-identifying male swimmer Lia (formerly Will) Thomas.

And then there’s this charming individual…

There are others that feel exactly the same way — protecting women’s spaces is a dog whistle for genocide, so they need to be prepared for violence.

All of that doesn’t even touch the transgender-identifying individuals who are committing violent acts like mass shootings.

Nashville Police initially said that the horrific Covenant School shooting appeared to be a targeted attack against Christians according to the as-yet unreleased manifesto written by the transgender-identifying female shooter.

On Easter Sunday, a taxi driver was stabbed to death in Portland by a trans-identifying individual.

…the Easter Sunday stabbing murder happened in the context of a surge of trans activists encouraging violence and making threats on social media as revenge for several states restricting the medical transitioning of minors.
Source: The Post Millennial

Shortly after the incident with Gaines at San Francisco State, Fox News’s Jesse Watters discussed the violent threat of TRAs.

But now, some Republicans and a United Nations investigator (of all things!) are sounding the alarm about the threat that these violent, radical gender ideologues are posing.

From the Daily Mail:

The portmanteau of ‘trans’ and ‘ANTIFA’ is exactly what you’d expect — far-left transgender activists willing to intimidate, harass and even use violence to advance their radical new ideas about gender…
…UN investigator Reem Alsalem told ‘screaming trans activists’ were a worrying and ‘increasing trend’ that must be tackled.
Julio Rosas, an author who recently testified to House lawmakers about leftist extremism, cites a series of trans extremist incidents, including trans shooter Audrey Hale’s bloody rampage in a Christian elementary school in Nashville.
‘Trans activists gravitate towards these very far-left groups, because they share their anarcho-communist type ideology,’ Rosas told
‘They view the US as systemically racist, that it’s subjugated queer people, and that states passing laws against child mutilations is part of a trans genocide. And they’re fighting back.’
He described a radicalized group of trans activists concentrated on the East and West coasts who coordinate via messaging apps to stage rallies, confront rivals and push their ideas into the mainstream.
The FBI declined to comment on whether it was monitoring violent trans activism, but Rosas, Alsalem and some Republican politicians refer to ever-more incidents that make headlines.
Source: Daily Mail

The media and far-left propagandists point to a few protest incidents where a handful of white supremacists gather and are denounced by all sides as evidence that white supremacy is a problem while they downplay or outright ignore acts of violence from radical trans activists.

They do that while simultaneously stoking the fear of radical gender activists that any attempt from parental rights organizations or conservative politicians to shield children from ideas that are not age appropriate are acts of hate that cause the “erasure” of transgender people.

The thing that must never, ever be said is that individuals that identify as transgender often have other mental health problems. That may not be the case for the majority of “Trantifa” — many of whom probably just see themselves as compassionate allies to the cause, but it could be. After all, how does one continue to identify as communist these days with all the devastation that communism has caused?

Maybe if we could have conversations about radical gender ideology that is being pushed by every organization including public schools, these TRAs would realize that many people who oppose it are concerned that underlying conditions aren’t being properly addressed and that this ideology sells lies to vulnerable children that will turn them into permanent medical patients if they follow the path the “experts” have laid out for them.

It’s not compassionate to “affirm” every assertion, and it’s even less compassionate to defend delusion with force.

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