Reporting From The Frontlines Of The ‘Education Over Indoctrination’ Event

Written by Sir John, Eh! on June 14, 2023

Canada has been pushing radical gender ideology in every area of society as hard (or harder) than the U.S. has. Many Canadians have had enough.

From my experience, a lot of Canadians are the go-along to get-along type — they don’t really like to rock the boat. But it appears that goes out the window when it comes to indoctrinating kids into a neo-Gnostic gender cult.

An event in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, was held on June 9 to push back against this indoctrination in schools.

Your stalwart Canadian correspondent was present at the event.

It was a meeting of two prominent Canadian activists, Chris Elston and Josh Alexander.

Elston, who goes by “Billboard Chris” online, is a dad of two girls that travels all over North America (and recently the United Kingdom) wearing sandwich boards that read “Children Cannot Consent To Puberty Blockers” on the front and “Dad: noun. a human male who protects his kids from gender ideology” on the back. His goal is to just walk around and have conversations with people and explain that gender ideology puts kids down the path to introducing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones that will cause irreversible damage. Elston says that we should just let kids be kids — whether they’re girls that are tomboys or boys that might be a little more effeminate, because most kids grow out of gender dysphoria if they’re just left alone to go through natural puberty.

He often says, “There are two sexes, zero genders, and infinite personalities.”

Elston is also very clear that he believes that the conversation is different for adults who are capable of weighing the pros and cons of transition.

It’s a basic “live and let live” sentiment with the goal of protecting kids from gender indoctrination and his is perhaps the most Canadian form of protest ever — walk around and have conversations.

Clash covered Elston being attacked by a trans activist for his always peaceful protestss here:

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Josh Alexander is a 16-year-old who was suspended from his Catholic high school for a classroom discussion where he cited Scripture in opposition to the transgender policy of the school board that allows transgender-identifying males into girls’ bathrooms and change rooms. Alexander was initially suspended for “bullying” for sharing his opinion because transgender-identifying individuals were in the class. He brought his concerns to administrators and was ignored. In November, he organized a protest outside the school with other concerned students and was suspended again. barred from attending classes for the rest of the year because he was “trespassing” when he attempted to return to class.

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These two teamed up to hold an event in a residential neighbourhood that has two public high schools — one secular and one Catholic — and one large elementary school just off of a main road in Ottawa’s West end.

The woke Ottawa school board didn’t like that idea. It’s fine for them to politicize public education and indoctrinate kids into the gender cult, but they don’t want protests about it.

A couple of far-left organizations Horizon Ottawa and Community Solidarity Ottawa organized a counter-protest to “drown out hate” and it was attended by the usual conglomorate of what appeared to be circus rejects, self-styled outcasts, Antifa, and far-left politicians.

There was a diverse crowd on one side opposing the gender indoctrination of kids in schools with a significant representation by hijab-wearing Muslim moms, while the other side was largely ideologically-captured white activists and far-left politicians.

Here’s what the protest looked like once it started.

Both Chris and Josh called the event a success.

Hundreds of Canadians came out to support Chris and Josh but were blocked from walking by counter-protesters just one block into the “Education Over Indoctrination” event.

I was standing right beside a group of kids who were stomping on a banner that has the triangular trans flag pushing out the rainbow — it’s called the “Pride Progress” flag and includes black and brown stripes to represent AIDS victims (black) and “black and brown people” (brown).

Some in the crowd felt that went too far, but I spoke to the mom of one of those kids. She said that she’s a new Canadian who just emigrated here and had no idea about what Pride was. She sent her kids to public school and all of a sudden, June hit and all of this gender and LGBTQ stuff is being shoved at her 8-year-old and she had no idea it was coming. She wondered where the respect was for her as a parent to decide how and when these subjects were introduced to her children. She says it is confusing for children.

Meanwhile, on the tolerant “be kind” side, they were calling anyone protesting mandatory gender indoctrination a fascist.

There’s clearly a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

Check out this lady that looks like she’s possessed by a demon.

The pro-Groomer crowd surrounded an independent journalist just trying to capture what was going on:

And harassed another one with an electronic whistle while she was trying to report. A local politician stood by and did nothing.

Caryma’s team was targeted early on.

At the end of the day, one side was violent and had multiple arrests. You’ll be shocked to learn that it wasn’t the side that was being loudly denounced as “fascists” — it was the masked “be kind” crowd.


There was even a “Jussie Smollett” moment where a fairly prominent local politician claims that he was punched in the face by a rally attendee.

It appears he smacked himself in the face with his own bullhorn.

Roll tape…

Lawyer, YouTuber, and Canadian Treasure, Viva Frei, was at the event and he breaks it down on his vlawg:

That politician is now backpedaling.

But the evidence just doesn’t back up his claim. Harden isn’t anywhere near the hair-pulling fight he claims to have broken up.

Oh, and by the way, the woman that started the fight was one of the pro-trans activists and a well-known agitator with a penchant for using a bullhorn as a weapon.

The counter-protesters waved signs and opened up large flags and banners to try to make their side look bigger than it was.

They were also permitted to move freely and blocked off the path Chris and Josh were to walk.

I happen to be standing next to Chris when police told him that he couldn’t walk past the flag-bearing counter-protesters — even on the sidewalk. (Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture the video as I thought I had. Not used to the new phone.)

So, we were basically boxed in standing around in the middle of the street in front of people’s houses while a rainbow clown show let their freak flags fly at 100-120 decibels.

Meanwhile, since the “Education Over Indoctrination” side couldn’t get out there and have conversations with other people about the dangers of gender ideology, we connected with each other and I managed to snap a couple of shots.

The crowd is pretty big and pretty diverse.

Here’s the one and only Viva Frei talking to Chris.

And this is trans social media influencer Julia Malott who advocates for nuanced discussion of gender ideology and ex-teacher turned activist Chanel Pfahl proudly showing their support for Chris and his street conversations.

After several hours of being stuck in one spot in the middle of a residential street, the organizers decided it was time to call it a day.

And it was ended with the most Canada way to end a protest — singing the national anthem.

The Ottawa school board is doubling down on this. The OCDBS has recommended using “they/them” pronouns next year until a student informs them of their preferred pronouns.

It’s not going over well with parents. Another protest happend in front of the school board HQ on Tuesday organized by Ottawa’s Muslim community.

Guess how much local media coverage was on that event?

If you guessed zero… you’re right!

But it would appear that this isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Indeed. And you can bet that your stalwart Ottawa correspondent will be there!

It’s time to be awake, not woke.

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