The Left’s Reaction To Trump’s Big Speech Was Exactly What You’d Expect (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 14, 2023

It makes you wonder whether this gambit wasn’t an enormous tactical error on the part of Biden’s Democrats.

One of the criticisms Trump had sometimes faced until now in his public appearances was that he was too often backward looking, living in the past, more intent on what went wrong in 2020 than what needs to be done today.

The attacks launched against him by Biden’s DOJ have given him a new focus. Whatever else might be said about Trump, he was born for the battle.


With his attention turned fully to the fight he’s in today, he’s not spending his time focused on yesterday’s battles. Which means he sounds a lot more like the Trump we saw BEFORE the pandemic came to town.

The Left’s over-reaction to Trump’s refusal to ride into the sunset with a tail between his legs was almost comical.

While CNN was shamelessly clout-chasing Trump’s name for ratings — because Trump accurately predicted that when he was gone their ratings would crater — Jake Tapper and his guests were gleefully tallying up all the charges and the legal peril they believe him to be in. As Trump describes it, up to 400 years in jail, if convicted on all counts.

But CNN’s all-Trump-all-the-time footage followed him from the courthouse to a Cuban restaurant where he stopped for a bite to eat. As usual he picked up the tab for everyone there. They all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, as the 14th is his birthday.

Tapper has NO interest in any footage that might show Trump in a positive light. When he sees the public glad-handing him and singing Happy Birthday, is reaction is almost an allergic one.

He doubled down on that later in this 8 second clip.

Trump, predictably, used the opportunity to take a swipe at him.

Surely the Taxpayer-funded news would be more even-handed in their coverage… right?

Let’s take a look (follow-up tweet):

Do they ever give similar warnings about Joe Biden?

After all, he’s the one who gave us that infamous ‘Red Sermon’ speech in front of Independence Hall that looked like the scene had been organized by some kind of creepy Third Reich fanboy. While giving ominous warnings about how dangerous anyone but the regime in power is to democracy.

And do we even need to start tallying up how many comparisons people have been making between Herr Biden’s treatment of his political enemies and the historical example set by a certain 20th Century Austrian with the funny moustache?

If PBS is spending its time trying to influence the American citizen rather than to inform them, maybe it’s time we rethink our relationship with them, and take a close look at the charitable rules under which they operate.

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