Should CNN ‘Trump Tape’ Justify Having The Entire Case Thrown Out?

Written by Wes Walker on June 27, 2023

We’ve faced all kinds of interesting information in the whirlwind of information thrown our way in the past several weeks.

Whistleblowers show evidence of Burisma Bribes. Trump gets indicted the same day. Hunter gets indicted — slap on the wrist. Trump could face hundreds of years in prison.

Whistleblowers come forward and complain that Garland’s DOJ has been playing rope-a-dope with the investigations, preventing serious charges from being investigated, blocking a search warrant (with cause) from being executed at Biden’s guest house. Then we see several different lines of evidence converge to show that Joe and Hunter have been shaking down fatcats around the world for millions of dollars.

Garland’s DOJ has been fighting to muzzle Trump and keep witnesses secret. As much as possible, they want Trump to be tried in secret, despite the right to a public trial.

Trump was specifically warned by the judge not to discuss the details of the case in public. But somehow, the Biden-friendly, Trump-hating media keeps getting their hands on key pieces of the State’s evidence against Trump.

It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter whether to the prosecution whether the case goes to trial or not, so long as Team Biden can use the press to ‘dirty up’ their chief rival in the press, where he has no opportunity to cross-examine the evidence being used against him.

Here’s the tape CNN ‘mysteriously’ managed to get its hands on.

Trump is ordered to remain silent about the accusations swirling against him, but there is exactly ZERO consequence for endless criminal leaking of untested evidence being used against Trump?

Are we really supposed to believe this is an even-handed application of the law? Guess again!

Meanwhile, Smith is leaking news of yet another attack he is building against Trump. This one is the so-called ‘fake electors’ case being built against Trump. Forget the fact that the contested vote in Hawaii (lawfully) led to the sending of an alternate electors in 1960, leaving Congress to decide which of them was valid for the purposes of counting the Electoral College.

Levin is calling on Trump’s legal team to cite prosecutorial misconduct as one justification for having the whole case thrown out.

But that’s not all he had to say. This long-form rant is well worth the click:

And since you won’t hear the other side of the story in any ‘mainstream’ news source, here are a few other points in Trump’s favor you can share with any undecided or ‘normie’ friends who have forgotten about the ‘presumption of innocence’ and assume Trump is ‘dead in the water.

Trump shared some relevant and helpful facts on his TruthSocial account:

1) The wrongful invocation of ‘espionage’ to poison the public perception against him

2) Calling out DOJ misconduct in his case and going on offense.

3) A former Federal Prosecutor shoots the core rationale for the case against Trump full of holes in 7 minutes.

Of special interest in that clip are two details:
1) The difficulty Smith will face in proving Trump’s intent (as measured by specific benchmarks)
2) The parts of the case that could be thrown out because they probably cut corners in piercing Trump’s lawyer-client privilege.

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