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TECH TYRANNY: Twitter 2.0 FAILING First Big Free Speech Test Over ‘Spicy’ DailyWire Film

Elon Musk was hailed as a hero by backers of free speech when he branded himself a ‘free speech absolutist’ in buying out Twitter.

The secret censorious relationships between Big Tech and Big Government were laid bare with the Twitter Files — to the horror of everyone caught with their pants down.

And doubling down on the horror, all of those right-wing Twitter accounts that had been nuked for the crime of wrong think rose from the grave to once again haunt the left.

Our side was never quite sure where we stood because it has always been obvious that many of the rank-and-file running the algorithms really REALLY don’t like the plain-speaking dirt-under-their-fingernails crowd.

They don’t like a lot of things. Conservatives and traditional values rank high among them.

When Elon admitted he was stretched too thin and that Twitter needed a dedicated CEO, alarms went off when he chose Linda Yaccarino. Concerns were raised about her own views on free speech.

[Yaccarino’s] affiliation with the WEF should be a cause for concern for those Twitter users who advocate free speech on the platform, as should her statements during an interview with Musk that Twitter advertisers should have a say about Twitter content moderation. — Mises

This gulf between Elon’s strong commitment to free speech and the questionable motives of his appointed CEO is of central concern in the ongoing drama that is Twitter 2.0.

Today — June 1st — is the first real test of that divergent vision. And so far, the censors are winning.

Today is the 1-year anniversary of Matt Walsh’s film ‘What is a Woman’. It shines the bright light on the lie at the heart of the transgender movement in a surprisingly non-controversial way.

ClashDaily has written about previous failed attempts to deep-six that film:

Hackers Try To Derail Premiere Of ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary … What Are They So Afraid Of?

EPIC FAIL: Hack Journo Gives Bad Review For ‘What Is A Woman’ … Exposed As Total Fraud

There’s something refreshing about the whole approach taken in ‘What is a Woman’.

Instead of debating, arguing, lecturing, challenging, mocking or any of the other methods of disagreement we typically see in documentaries intended to persuade Matt did something different.

He went to various experts around the world and asked them to explain what they meant by the positions they held. Those questions led to further questions.

He remained calm and polite almost to a fault.

No tricks.
No traps.
No gimmicks.

He just peeled back the onion layer by layer until it became clear that there was nothing of substance upon which this towering edifice of transgenderism had been built.

Today, in celebration of that anniversary, DailyWire was going to release it to the public for free (in a 24hr window) on the one free speech platform where such conversation can still be had.

But something went wrong.

Here is the 16-thread account, as written by Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of DailyWire, to explain what has happened since Twitter first agreed to that release.

The first link is live, the rest will be screenshots.

And just before we were ready to go live with this story, Jeremy tweeted an update:

This will be a real test of who is actually in charge over at Twitter.

The guy who owns it, or the army of staff actually tapping keys.

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