The Left-Leaning Press Damages Our Republic Each Day

Written by Jeff Davidson on June 5, 2023

When the Biden crime family has more than 200 banking irregularities and nine family members have received significant funds from foreign governments, the Leftist press will claim that this is all conjecture and no proof has been presented.

When the Durham report reveals that the FBI conspired with Hillary Clinton and her campaign to create a false narrative about Trump colluding with Russia, and that the CIA, the Obama Administration, and other high-ranking government officials knew about it as early as 2016, the press ignores it, or calls it a big nothing burger.

Our nation’s heavy Leftist press, as such, continually seeks to destroy our country. In particular, this includes bogus or nonexistent reporting about millions of illegals flooding our borders, costing us billions of dollars as they receive free hotel rooms, food, healthcare, and 10-year court dates.

Not Credible and Unconcerned

Among the mainstream media giants today, from The New York Times and The Washington Post on down, there is no intention whatsoever of offering a fair and balanced accounting of national and international events. Indeed, our highly compromised press is the greatest roadblock to our moving forward as a nation.

A reasonably impartial press was a vital element in establishing our representative republic. The Founding Fathers knew it, Americans from all walks of life knew it, and for most of our history, we took it for granted. Sure, human beings are biased and organizations have particular slants, but journalism and reporting were based on the underlying notion that the news organizations did a credible job of portraying what was actually happening.

In league with the Democratic National Committee, there is virtually no chance of objective political reporting. As Prof. Victor Davis Hanson pointed out, The New York Times built its reputation over more than 150 years, as did The Washington Post. The Leftists who run these organizations today, and the propagandist-type journalists whom they hire, continually espouse far Leftist positions. They have no interest in objective journalism and often openly flout their highly biased views. Their features and stories are fabricated, and would amaze even their staunch liberal founders.

One Thousand Cuts

When our media is dominated by singular points of view, which praise to the high hills that with which they agree and besmirch any view with which they disagree, how can anything but dissension follow?

Without a reasonably unbiased press and attempts to offer articles that have some semblance of fairness, our culture cannot proceed in a manner that will be of benefit to all. As Democrats will one day learn, even they will not benefit. When proponents on the Left and on the Right have little chance of compromise, of finding common ground, and abandoning partisan politics for the common good, what chance does the country have?

Our Leftist press, predictably, grows ever-more bold. They gleefully lie about Antifa, Black Lives Matter, largely “peaceful protests,” drag queen story hour, Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state, Ron Desantis, women’s sports, Christianity, FBI malfeasance, Covid, China’s subversiveness, cancel culture, Ukraine, the border crisis, the U.S. budget, Biden’s mental state, and on and on, in every direction.

They vehemently seek more George Floyd incidents, or to create them so that they can further drive a wedge between black and white unlike anything we’ve experienced in 58 years. They aggrandize any incidents of white-on-black violence to ‘confirm’ that the U.S. is racist, never mind that interracial violence is undeniably, overwhelmingly black-on-white. Then they give black assailants proverbial free passes.

A Sick and Twisted Path

They perpetually hunt for racism in math, science, literature, entire school systems, healthcare, and government — everywhere and anywhere — in order to proclaim that the country is racist and always will be, and thus needs to be dismantled from the top down.

Many of the movements and squabbles we have witnessed in recent years simply would not have occurred with a reasonably fair press. The outright hatred that we see every day, the acrimony, and the bitterness would be a fraction of what we’ve experienced. Politically, the Right and the Left could actually have resolved some issues

The sick and twisted path that the mainstream press is committed to treading unfortunately seems to be irreversible. Perhaps someday, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the major television networks will be superseded by other, more balanced forms of information dissemination.

What Chance?

We have a snowball’s chance in hell until then of establishing common ground, strengthening our republic, and ensuring our long-term future.

Jeff Davidson
Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people.