WATCH: Fearless 14-Year-Old Girl’s Poem Is A Powerful Battle Cry Against Radical Gender Ideology

Written by K. Walker on June 5, 2023

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The radical gender ideologues really don’t like this poem…

A 14-year-old girl from Ireland read a poem at the “Let Women Speak” event in Belfast in April, and it’s suddenly getting a whole lot of attention.

The teen has not chosen to disclose her name because she’s still a minor, so she goes by the pseudonym “Brandubh.”

Here is the poem in full. Every woman should memorize it.

I Am Not A Dress
by: Brandubh

We are women, we are warriors of steel.
Woman is something no man will ever feel.
Woman is not a skill that any man can hone.
Woman is our word and is ours alone.

I am not a dress to be worn on a whim,
A man in a dress is nonetheless a him.
Women are not simply what we wear.
If this offends you, I don’t care.

I am not an idea in any mans mind
And my purpose in life is not to be kind.
So while my rights are trampled every day of the week,
I will not stand by being docile and meek.

I am not defined by sexist lies.
There is more to a woman than that shallow guise.
That guise of dresses, bikinis and skirts.
Those clothes are not what womanhood is worth.

I am not a bitch, a TERF, a whore, a slag,
Hysterical, a witch, a slut, a slag.
NO! I am a woman, I am a female,
Who will not let her rights be put up for sale.

I am not defined by what men are not.
So to hell with cis misogynistic rot.
I am a woman, I am not a subset of my sex.
If this makes me a dinosaur, so be it, I’m a T-Rex!

I am not a bleeder nor a menstruator,
A womb carrier or uterus haver.
Those words and phrases are such a sham.
Just call me a woman, it is who I am.

We are women, we are warriors of steel.
Woman is something no man will ever feel.
Woman is not a skill that any man can hone.
Woman is our word and is ours alone.

The teen has faced a lot of backlash for maintaining her position both because of the poem and pushing back on the indoctrination in her school.

Brandubh was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on her podcast last month to discuss the poem and what she’s been going through at school since she openly disagreed with gender self-identification and the fundamentals of critical gender theory that was being taught in her classes.

Not only has the teen been told by teachers that she is allegedly being “transphobic” for stating biological reality, but she’s also being excluded by her peers.

Watch the interview here:

This girl is fearless. She’s still going strong despite the hate she’s received for speaking out against this anti-woman ideology that is being shoved at us 24/7.

She said it in her poem, “If this offends you, I do not care.”

She’s pushing back on Twitter.

Now that the secular holy season of “Pride” is upon us, we can see that the celebration of every “rainbow” identity is being shoved at kids — especially in public schools.

This is precisely what Brandubh was pushing back against.

Over here at ClashDaily, we love badass women standing up for women’s spaces and against the “rainbow” indoctrination of children.

Stay Rowdy, Brandubh! ClashDaily salutes you!

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